Budapest English Comedy Night


  • 5 Oct 2018 7:00 PM
  • Szimpla Café
Budapest English Comedy Night
Hosted by Jack Holmes.

Jack Holmes found his way into comedy after spending more than a decade crawling across the world as a failing musician. Bitter beyond his years, Jack hit his first comedy open mic in 2013 before quickly rising to become a pillar of the Vienna comedy scene, going on to host multiple shows across the country, and touring across Europe as a headlining act.

Embittered and armed with his quick wit and sharp tongue, Jack has developed a comedic style that's guaranteed to entertain. Equal parts honest, vicious, and playful, his act mixes brutal self-deprecation with bewilderment and frustration at the world around him, creating a show every bit as heartwarming and endearing as it is gut wrenchingly hilarious.
Place: Szimpla Café
Address: 1073 Budapest, Kertész u. 48.
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