International Model Festival, Budapest, 13 - 16 November

  • 12 Nov 2010 1:00 AM
International Model Festival, Budapest, 13 - 16 November
"The 2010 Architectural Model Festival investigates the relationship of designer practices and cultural infrastructure. Museums and art institutions have been at the forefront of recent urban development programs, establishing new nodes in the global network of cities.

This trend has also shifted the role of such establishments from sites representing static national and local identities to open and activist public platforms inviting discourses on the cultures and identities of modern democracies.

The main topics of the festival explore this process through introducing current issues of Hungarian institutions and their architecture, and by raising internationally new, so far undeveloped issues. These themes also develop links between shared discourses of the architectural model as a genre and the museum as a platform.

The first topic represents significant projects and visions in contemporary museum architecture through models and presentations. The second topic investigates the transformation of the museum as an institution and public forum, using the model as a tool to analyze and represent complex relationships. The third topic explores the role of models and prototypes in design by showcasing traditional and cutting edge fabrication technologies in a hands-on, workshop environment.

2010. november 13-16. Venue: Műcsarnok Budapest"


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