Concerts This May At Akvárium Club Budapest

  • 30 Apr 2014 9:00 AM
Concerts This May At Akvárium Club Budapest
Club Akvárium is back, in the heart of Budapest, in the center of Erzsébet square, which has also changed for the better this year. Almost every bit of the Akvárium has changed: more concert halls, unique design elements, better sound and visual systems, and a new restaurant, the Aqua Bistro. But what stays the same is all the great concerts and parties, albeit more frequently and on a grander scale.

1 May - Quimby

Besides the sound of Nick Cave and Tom Waits, Hungary's most popular rock band has managed to incorporate the Hungarian chanson and couplet into its repertoire of styles. Quimby will be performing at Budapest's new concert hall in Erzsébet square, Club Akvárium's 1500-capacity Main Hall with the latest sound system and visuals, performing well-loved songs and greatest hits. You mustn't miss their first and last grand spring concert, since the band is embarking on a European tour from mid-May, forcing us to go all the way to London if we want to see Quimby.


Even without a clearly defined musical style, published album or tracks, it only took 5 years for one of Budapest's most exciting musical project, Random Trip, to come of age. Accordingly, the organizers are celebrating their 5th birthday in style on 9 May at Club Akvárium. These unique concerts are a blend of jazz, electronic music and all other styles of music with an improvisational edge. In the life of these improvisational club nights, 2013 was the year of packed parties and special requests, with appearances at prestigious events and major domestic festivals. Everything is set for a crazy party: numerous reasons to celebrate, the brand new concert hall of the Akvárium and a superb line-up that is yet to be revealed.

09.05.2014. - Noir (DK)

Noir has been working as a producer since 2004, gaining recognition with his work and the attention of the most established DJs in the world, with Pete Tong choosing a track of his to appear in his Essential Selection show on BBC 1, the most popular British house show. Besides his own tracks and remixes, he's more than a producer – he first started off as a DJ, playing all styles of music from hip-hop to techno, but over the years his repertoire has been limited, or rather distilled to a single style and has since become one of the most promising house DJs in Europe, always delivering fresh cuts and incredibly energetic DJ sets, raising the bar and turning up the heat.

17.05.2014. - Bladerunnaz pres. WILKINSON (UK)

By the time he turned 9, Wilkinson – also known as Mark Wilkinson – managed to convince his parents in London to get him drum kit. He started playing the drums at a young age in bands, but at 14, he discovered and passionately loved electronic bass-driven music. He first set up a studio in his bedroom, but due to the volume and the gut-wrenching bass, he was soon forced to rent a studio of his own far from his parents' house. This is where he made his first recordings which caught the attention of Ram Records and one of the greatest British DJs, Andy C called him up to talk about working together.

Wilkinson's way to success has been unstoppable since then with Automatic and Need to Know featuring Iman hitting the dance lists in 2012. Since then, Wilkinson's track Afterglow reached no. 8 in the British charts and he was awarded Best Breakthrough Artist at the National D&B Awards. He's constantly working on remixes for Chase & Status, Nero, Professor Green, Wiley or Major Lazer, amongst others. In short, he's the freshest, most cutting-edge D&B producer and DJ, who will be showing what all the hype is about on 17 May at Club Akvárium.

15.05.2014. - Soerii & Poolek present: ULTRATRONIK 3000 - THE SHOW - Compact Disco

ULTRATRONIK 3000 IS NOT a concert, yet it involves musicians playing live. ULTRATRONIK 3000 IS NOT a Live Act, yet it utilizes a number of special, futuristic devices. ULTRATRONIK 3000 IS NOT a DJ set, but if the mood is right, a number of international and domestic hits are sure to appear from the record bags of this pair of sound wizards. ULTRATRONIK 3000 offers a grueling visual display second to none in the country. ULTRATRONIK 3000 is a party that's better than anything else out there. ULTRATRONIK 3000 will host host a number of star guests. ULTRATRONIK 3000 is everything and nothing. The guests of ULTRATRONIK 3000 will be served a nice, hot TWERK-STEW for dinner. In brief, ULTRATRONIK 3000 is coming on 15 May at Club Akvárium.

23.05.2014. - Tiga (CAN)

The most stylish tech-house DJ-producer in the world happens to be a Canadian who established his reputation with two albums – Sexor and Ciao! – released at the end of the 2000s and has since landed a show of his own on British BBC radio, as well as working up an impressive list of remixes from the likes of Depeche Mode, Scissor Sisters, The xx, Moby, Justice, LCD Soundsystem, Friendly Fires and Mylo. He regularly appears at Coachella festival and the Miami Music Conference – or at Club Akvárium in Budapest, bringing a hint of style to the dance floor with a selection of the latest tunes.
29-30.05.2014. - Budapest Essential Festival at Club Akvárium

Thanks to recent developments, the Budapest Essential festival will be running for the first time from 29 May (Thursday) to 1 June (Sunday), 2014 celebrating the renewed image of Budapest. The goal of this event if to emphasize the positive traits of the city, putting the usual locations into an unusual context, as well as making the Budapest lifestyle accessible to all. Budapest Essentials can be thought of as a community-building movement as well as a series of concerts and parties and sets itself apart from other urban festivals by its diversity, since it consists of performances at 13 cutting-edge venues with Club Akvárium as one of the main sites, with concerts from popular foreign rock bands on the 29th and 30th of May.


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