Joulupukki: Original Santa @ Vörösmarty Square Xmas Fair, 6 December

  • 1 Dec 2017 10:47 AM
Joulupukki: Original Santa @ Vörösmarty Square Xmas Fair, 6 December
The original Finnish Santa Claus will come to Hungary for the 16th time this December. Santa Claus, or Joulupukki as Finns call him, flies in all the way from the Lappish town of Rovaniemi (via a Finnair plane and so not with Rudolph). His ETA at Budapest airport this Friday the 1st is at around 11.00 am.

More from the organisers:

During his 6 days long trip in Hungary Joulupukki will visit several towns and villages around the country spreading the Christmas spirit to everyone. Besides the public events he will also visit kindergardens, women’s shelters and orphanages in order to meet children with different kinds of backgrounds.

Part of his stay in Hungary Joulupukki is going to visit the cities of Veszprém and Ajka, and also pay a visit to Ljubljana in the neighbouring Slovenia, while also meeting children from the Budapest area and atttending the Chritmas Fair in Vörösmarty tér.

Joulupukki’s visit to Hungary starts on 1st December around 11.15 AM. After the reception at the airport Joulupukki will travel around Hungary for six days and return to Budapest so as to meet the children at the Christmas fair in Vörösmarty square.

Joulupukki’s visit to Hungary is organized by Finnagora, the Finnish Institute in Budapest.

Joulupukki’s public events:

6th December 16.00-17.00 PM Budapest, Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square


1st December, 11.00 AM, Budapest Airport

2nd December, 11.00 AM Kaposvár Big Market

3rd December, 10.00 AM Budapest, MÜPA Palace of Arts

4th December, Ljubljana, Slovenia

5th December, 11.00 AM Veszprém Post Office Square and 16.00 PM Ajka Agora


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