Fidesz Sees ‘Soros Network’ Behind Intl Protest Against ‘Stop Soros’ Bill

  • 20 Feb 2018 1:00 PM
  • Hungary Matters
Fidesz Sees ‘Soros Network’ Behind Intl Protest Against ‘Stop Soros’ Bill
The “network” associated with US financier George Soros has launched a “full-on attack” against Hungary, ruling Fidesz said in reaction to international protest concerning the government’s recently submitted “Stop Soros” bill.

According to Fidesz, “Hungary and its government are the greatest obstacles to the implementation of the Soros Plan”.

Earlier in the day, 18 international organisations and 237 civil groups in other countries called on the Hungarian parliament to reject the proposal and ensure that civil organisations can work undisturbed in the country.

In its statement, Fidesz said that “a number” of the signatories to the protest were financed by Soros to “promote and organise migration”. The “sole purpose” of the draft, they insisted, was to “firmly stand up to any activity organising, supporting, or sponsoring migration”.

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