Creative Writing Workshop, Brody Studios, 8 March

  • 1 Mar 2018 5:06 PM
Creative Writing Workshop, Brody Studios, 8 March
Do you like telling stories, but lack inspiration? Have you ever wanted to write a novel, poetry or screenplay... but don’t know where to begin? Do you also want a fun, social and creatively stimulating night out?

‘Story Sparks’ is a series of monthly event workshops to inspire and encourage you. Collaborating in small groups, you take part in range of fun games and activities that will enable your group to develop a whole story in just one evening. Then all the groups are invited to tell their story at the end of the night.

Theme of the evening: 'Montage! - using cinema techniques to tell stories in pictures. You'll learn how to construct a photo-storyboard then use Brody Studios as the location for your story! Note: Please bring digital camera or phone.'

It’s perfect for absolute beginners - or for those who already have ideas and characters, and who want time to develop them further.

Your host and ‘story sparker’ is Matthew Daintrey-Hall (who also hosts Story Slam - but be warned: this is a fully interactive event where everyone takes part!)

18.00 Doors open
19.30 Workshop starts

Entrance fee:
Members: 1.000 HUF | Guests: 1.500 HUF

+36 1 266 3707

Date and time: 8 March at 19:30–22:00
Venue: Brody Club Life
Address: 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38.

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