PM Orbán: Hungary Needs United Govt

  • 6 Apr 2018 8:31 AM
  • Hungary Matters
PM Orbán: Hungary Needs United Govt
Hungary needs a united and competent government to halt immigration, which would irrevocably alter the country’s character, Viktor Orbán has said.

The only force able to form such a government after Sunday’s election would be the incumbent Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, the prime minister said in an interview published in business weekly Figyelő.

Orbán accused the global media, the EU and “influential business interest groups” of attempting to help a weak coalition government come to power after the April 8 election, one that Brussels can fully control.

Then, US billionaire George “Soros’s people” would fill government posts and occupy Hungary’s energy sector and banking system. Hungarians would pay the price, Orbán insisted. “Soros’s candidates” can only be thwarted by the Fidesz-Christian Democrat candidates, as “all the others are already in his pocket.”

Orbán pledged to launch an ambitious programme to boost Hungary’s competitiveness in January 2019.

“I am thinking in terms of a Hungarian model based on competitiveness, full employment, as well as sound demographic and identity policies,” he said, adding that Hungary would retain its flat income tax, part of “a well-functioning and proportionate tax system”.

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