Video: ’’, Keszthely, 22 – 25 August

  • 14 May 2018 9:34 PM
Video: ’’, Keszthely, 22 – 25 August
Also known by some as the 'Mecca of electronic music', this annual festival at Balaton takes place to round off summer with a bang.

Since its debut in 2013, has become one of Hungary’s most popular festival, and a key summer destination for lovers of electro sounds.

Thanks to its forward-thinking approach and popular programs, in its first year won the award for 'Best New European Festival' at the prestigious European Festival Awards.

No wonder really, as the organizers, VOLT and Deadcode Production, managed to create a somewhat niche but immensely cool line-up each year.

This year they're bringing another insane line-up to a new location, Keszthely. As you may know this is a wonderful lakeside location, with an amazing panorama, around 65 km’s away from last year's location.

Gates open on 22 August in 2018, inside you'll find some of the biggest and most influential acts in contemporary techno, tech-house, minimal and house music, supported by unique visual and sound elements.

Despite the increasing demand for festival tickets, the event aims to preserve the 'boutique' features which made it so popular in the first place.

B.My. Lake Festival

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