Orbán Outlines Plans For Next 12 Years

  • 11 May 2018 7:20 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Orbán Outlines Plans For Next 12 Years
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, after being sworn in on Thursday after his re-election, said his Fidesz government was thinking in terms of planning for the next twelve years - here below is some of what he plans to achieve.

Orbán said Hungary was “in the right constellation”. “Hungary’s case has been won. Everything needed for great plans ahead has already come together,” he said. Hungarians, he added, now believed that “tomorrow can be better than today if they do their job right”.

“They want a government that is worthy of their future. This encourages us -- and entitles us -- to make plans not only for the next four years but for the next ten years, too. Indeed, we should think in terms of twelve years,” Orbán said, adding that this would be in line with the demand for responsible government, given that the next European Union budget will conclude in 2030.

Outlining his government’s goals for the coming period, Orbán said motorways would be built to connect Budapest with cities of county status. He said the motorways would be reachable within 30 minutes from any part of the country.

New solar panel parks and the upgrade of the Paks power plant will make Hungary a leader in clean and sustainable energy, he said. He said Hungary should aim to attract investments that create higher value-added and higher paying jobs, noting that 600 multinational companies provide 80% of the world’s exports today.

Orbán added that his government will aim to boost the share of exports of Hungarian-owned companies by 50%. He vowed that the government would aim to “radically stem” endemics, adding that he would “not be afraid to streamline” health care in order to achieve this goal. He said the government would also build “a new Hungarian military”.

The prime minister pointed out that Hungary’s neighbours were “constantly arming themselves”. “But it is also generally true that a nation that is incapable of guaranteeing its own defence is irresponsible and is making a mistake from a historical perspective,” he added.

Orbán also vowed to develop the economy of central Europe as well as road, railway and air links between their capitals and major cities. “We support Poland’s key role, and together we will lay the foundations of a major central and eastern European economic area.” He said the new government would also aim to restore Budapest “to its former greatness and glory”.

The prime minister noted that his governing alliance holds two-thirds majority in parliament, but he vowed to “serve the three-thirds”. “The homeland cannot be in opposition with itself because it vastly transcends the parties,” Orbán said.

“Serving it cannot depend on whether we happen to be in opposition or in government.” “I stand before you optimistic, hopeful and ready to act,” the prime minister told lawmakers.

We must live with the confidence and dignity of a country that understands that Hungarians have given more to the world than that which they have received,” the prime minister said.

He added he wanted to convince neighbouring countries to join forces and make the Carpathian Basin Europe’s “securest and fastest-developing” economic, trading and transport area. “Over the past years, we have shown time and again that no one need fear Hungarians; whoever cooperates with us reaps the profits,” Orbán said.

“Now that I’ve taken my oath, I reaffirm to every single member of the nation, all fifteen million Hungarians ... that all my actions will be dedicated to the service of our nation and country, the Hungarian people, Hungarian interests and Christian values,” he said.

MTI Photo: Kovács Tamás

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