Budapest Zoo Opens New 'Wonderland Park'

  • 12 Jul 2018 11:25 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
Budapest Zoo Opens New 'Wonderland Park'
The Zoo’s new 'wonderland' opened in the area where the amusement park used to be, with new special small animals, close animal encounters, fabulous adventures and games await as described below.

Camels have returned to the Ungulate field; you can feed tame deer and goats in the Petting Zoo, and you can meet multi-coloured calves, racka sheep and piglets in the Farmyard.

Then the Behind the Beyond Palace opens its gates. Get lost in the amazing world of the seven fairy tales, figure out the mysteries, and complete the mission! Get to know Vuk (the baby fox) and Süsü (the funny dragon), pop by the surgery of Dr. Bubó (the best owl country GP), play with Pom-Pom (the furball), be an assistant to Mekk Elek (the unlucky DIY goat), watch the fish with Nagy Ho-ho-ho Horgász (the greatest angler) and enjoy the water-world of Brekk Berek (Frog marsh)!

You can take part in arts and crafts classes in the Cobble Yard. Horse-riding is waiting for you in the Horse Paddock, then you can take a ride on the renovated Carousel.

A hundred attractions, thousands of experiences… to have something to remember!

Photo Bagosi Zoltán

Source: Zoo Budapest

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