NGOs Hold Solidarity Demo Against 'Stop Soros' Bill

  • 5 Jun 2018 7:27 AM
  • Hungary Matters
NGOs Hold Solidarity Demo Against 'Stop Soros' Bill
Civil groups held a solidarity demonstration to protest against the government’s “Stop Soros” bill in front of Parliament, with speakers saying that rights organisations are not criminals and the bill violates basic rights.

Around fifty activists attended the event organised by Amnesty International (AI) which featured a tenmetre tall red, heart-shaped balloon showing the word “civil”.

Helsinki Committee co-leader Márta Pardavi said it was the government, rather than civil groups, that needed to change its position. She asked lawmakers not to approve the bill.

AI Hungary director Júlia Iván said tens of thousands have expressed solidarity over the attacks against Hungarian civil organisations.

On Tuesday MPs were scheduled to debate the bill dubbed “Stop Soros” which would introduce amendments to the measures against illegal migration.

MTI Photo: Mohai Balázs

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