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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
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Friday, 01 April 2011 - Planet Kids Budapest

Do you like TENNIS? Then join us on the week of April 4th for a FREE trial week at our neighboring Sports Parks Tennis Courts, for further info contact Gaby at:

Swimming will also be available as of May!
1021 BUDAKESZI U. 73. Minutes away from Budagyöngye and Rózsakert Shopping Mall!
Planet Kids International Kindergarten and Babygroup.

Address: 1021 BUDAKESZI u. 73

Click here to contact Planet Kids Budapest

Friday, 01 April 2011 - Mehdi Benaniba

Project Dubser:

Dubser is a free, unique and intuitive extension for Firefox, which enhances your browser's searching and browsing capabilities. It supports a very wide range of popular web-based services.

The list of currently supported top services:
Google Search, Images, Videos, Maps, Translate
Bing Search, Translate
Multilanguage Dictionaries
and much more...

Reasons to use Dubser Extension for Firefox:

Dubser makes your daily browsing easier.
With our unified interface, you have instant access to popular web services like dictionaries, search engines, social network services and more.
It offers you a completely new way of accessing these web services in your browser without disturbing pop-up windows and unwanted browser tabs, just as if you had a browser in browser.

It helps you to:
improve your browsing efficiency
speed up your searching process
perform many tasks more easily in your browser
collect your frequently used web-based services in one place

Don't hesitate to download the free extension on
For more information please contact me.

Phone: 06304483587

Click here to contact Mehdi Benaniba

Thursday, 31 March 2011 - Katie Farrell

Buddhist lectures/meditation guided in English! The Buddha's teachings, which make beings fearless, joyful, and kind, are the main religion in several East Asian countries. Since the early seventies, the profound Buddhist view with its vast number of methods has inspired and fascinated a growing number of people in Western cultures. Buddha teaches about ultimate and conditioned existence in a way that makes Buddhism directly relevant to our daily lives. Understanding this makes the experience of lasting happiness possible. Buddhism does not proclaim dogmas; rather, it encourages critical questioning. Using the right meditations, the intellectual understanding of the teachings becomes a personal experience. Additional methods solidify what is reached in meditation. The goal of Buddha's teachings is the full development of the innate potential of body, speech, and mind. Through his teachings, Buddha is seen as a timeless mirror of mind's inherent potential. The Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in Budapest has meditation guided in English every Thursday at 8pm. Once a month, the last Thursday of the month, there is a lecture given by a Buddhist teacher on more in depth topics, questions and answers, etc. It's a great chance to meet other foreigners, learn about the nature of your mind and have fun! Diamond Way Buddhist Centre Location: Budapest, VII / Huszar street  7-9. (entrance from Munkas street) See you there!

Phone: +36 70 502 4287

Click here to contact Katie Farrell

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 - Planet Kids Kindergarten

Do you like Tennis?
Do you live nearby or in district II.?

Then why not enjoy a free trial week at Külker Sports Park where you will enjoy using the renovated and newly built Tennis Courts!
From May the Swimming Pools will be available.
The Sports Park is surrounded by an amazing forest, access right from Budakeszi u.!
For further info please contact Gaby at Planet Kids International Kindergarten.
--------------you must sign up beforehand----------------
Budakeszi u. 73/b

Address: 1021 BUDAKESZI u. 73/B

Click here to contact Planet Kids Kindergarten

Tuesday, 29 March 2011 - louise chapman


Have a magical, sparkly, unforgettable party with DANCE CRAZE ACADEMY!!

We provide our clients and their guests with a memorable and magical experience, so that they can enjoy the party and walk away relaxed and happy.

What is included in the price of a party?
A 90 minute party for up to 12 children costs,
35 000 Ft (inc. VAT)

and includes:
· One Party Host,
. Use of costumes throughout the party,
· Glitter/make up,
small give aways,

What Happens at the party:

For little ones the party includes games, singing and dance routines as they are led through a magical story with the birthday girl being centre of attention. Costumes are given to every child in the chosen theme from ‘Mermaids’ , ‘Fairies’, ‘Princesses’ or ‘Peter Pan’ . For older children the group are taught a special choreographed routine just for them with birthday girl as the super star. Themes include Abba, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Pop star

How to book a party..
It's easy!
Bookings can be made by email ( or by telephone (06309198417).
To confirm your party we will require a deposit. The balance is payable at your party.

We ensure that your child is given the full red carpet treatment that they deserve on their special day. We will discuss your requirements with you so that your party is tailor made and perfect in every way

Click here to contact louise chapman

Monday, 28 March 2011 - Melinda Mondovics


I am making a survey about xpats living here in Hungary. I need more xpats who have been living here for 15-20 yrs, been working and have time for a 1-hour interview. It's urgent; we need to have it done during the following 2 weeks.

Thx. Drop me an e-mail at

Click here to contact Melinda Mondovics

Saturday, 26 March 2011 - Barna Tripolszky

Glazier in Budapest.

I speak english!

Address: XII. Alkotás street 15. XX. Mártírok street 252
Phone: +3630 37-37-37-2

Address: XII. Alkotás street 15. XX. Mártírok street 252
Phone: +3630 37-37-37-2

Click here to contact Barna Tripolszky

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