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Saturday 18 Nov 2017
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Thursday, 26 February 2015 - Pietro Nastasi

Italian native, English and French speaking, can lop threes, bushes, to clean and a lot of external jobs to do in your small / medium / large garden or villa .
To agree about the salary

Drop an email or call for the quotation.

Phone: 06 70-5548552

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Friday, 20 February 2015 - Andrea Domján

May I draw your attention to a new blog on Hungarian political developments? The articles are short, to the point, and often do not lack a sarcastic edge, either.

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Monday, 16 February 2015 - Antonia Schwanner

Transylvanian Wanderings - Boutique tour - 16-25 May 2015
A journey to far away places off the beaten track, places where time has stopped and nature abounds. Explore a collection of UNESCO World heritage sites and a geography straddling rich Hungarian heritage mixed with Orthodox flavours.
For more info;

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Thursday, 12 February 2015 - Anthony Lucas

Systema Medicine Ball Workout Classes

The Time:

Mondays and Wednesdays:


Systema Medicine Ball Workout Classes – unique, and innovative. Designed for strength, conditioning, and ultimate in mobility. Excellent workout for fitness persons, martial artist, and anyone who wants to get in shape, and feel good. One of the best methods for solo training. Group classes awesome!

There are many advantages to training with medicine balls:

Core Strengthening
Proper Breathing

In ancient Greece the physician Hippocrates is said to have stuffed animal skin for patients to toss for “medicinal” purposes. Gladiators used them to prepare for the arena. Ancient drawings date the medicine ball to almost 3,000 years ago, when Persian wrestlers trained with sand-filled bladders. The last great medicine ball revival was in the early 1900s

Benefits: Medicine ball exercises promote variety by introducing a novel stimulus for physiological, and psychological adaptation. Training with a medicine ball helps to develop total body power, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Address: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 48.(Malomudvar) Building 14., 2nd floor
Phone: +36 70 299 8468

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Thursday, 12 February 2015 - Anthony Lucas

Russian Martial Art - System

What is Systema?

Systema is a comprehsive system of study that includes a martial art, self-defense training, fitness system, and health/healing system.

On a basic level the goal of Systema is to grow and heal through understanding and experience. The training is difficult as much of it causes the student to look inside and consider one’s fears, ego, limitations, motivations and more. This type of reflection is always difficult. The training pushes each of us into uncomfortable situations. The more we learn to relax, breathe and trust ourselves the easier it is for the student and the more profound the result. Even a small person has great physical power when they know how to apply it properly. Learn more about the training on the ‘training’ page on our site. Schedule below.

The Russian Martial Art is regarded as one of the most effective fighting systems on the planet, and its popularity is largely due to the efforts of Vladimir Vasiliev. - Robert Young, Editor of Blackbelt Magazine.

No rules, no belts, no nonsense. The System - a fighting art without all the needless baggage.
Black Belt Magazine

The Time:

20.00-20.30 Systema Breathing & Health Class
20.30-21.30 Systema Main Class

18.00-18.45 Introductory Class (Systema Fundamentals)
19.00-20.30 Systema Main Class

20.00-20.30 Systema Breathing & Health Class
20.30-21.30 Systema Topic Class

18.00-18.45 Systema Breathing & Health Class
19.00-20.30 Systema Main Class

Address: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 48.(Malomudvar) Building 14., 2nd floor
Phone: +36 70 299 8468

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Saturday, 07 February 2015 - Dávid Kovács

Hello Everyone!
If you have a problem and did not manage to find a solution, we are the last resort.
We specialised in providing unique solutions to unique problems.
Try us.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015 - Nurit Oren

SILENT ROAR Csendmester lecture/practice - "HOW TO FIND THE KINGDOM OF GOD WITHIN"

A Spiritual Application Made Easy!


How do we find the door to go within?
How do we enter?
How do we know that we’re there and how do we stay there ???
… Not just talk about it!
Location – Zeneszinhaz, Zrinyi utca 12, Budapest, 1051 (in the basement)
Info O6 2o 329 5o 41, O6 2o 493 1631
Or email:

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