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Sunday 25 Feb 2018
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Over 5,000 Public Sector Employees Go On Strike In Hungary
Over 5,000 people working in the public sector held a 2-hour strike on Monday morning demanding higher wages, Erzsébet Boros, head of trade union MKKSZ told a press conference. more »
Freedom House: Hungary’s Govt Has Resorted To Tactics Reminiscent Of Darkest Days Of Dictatorship
US-based human rights watchdog Freedom House on Friday slammed the Hungarian government’s nationwide billboard and television campaign concerning civil organisations saying that it was “vilifying” NGOs and refugees. “The government of Hungary has resorted to tactics reminiscent of the darkest days of dictatorship in its vilification of refugees, and civil society organizations that advocate an orderly, humane policy of immigration,” Freedom House President Michael Abramowitz said in a statement. more »
Szijjártó Slams Schulz For Hungary Comments
Reacting to negative comments about Hungary by Martin Schulz, leader of Germany’s SPD party, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Sunday that Schulz should focus on the fortunes of his own political party rather than preoccupying himself with Hungary. In a statement, Szijjártó reacted to Schulz’s remark in a speech today that Poland and Hungary showed a lack of solidarity over the issue of migration. more »

Soros Billboards To Be Removed For FINA Championships

Soros Billboards To Be Removed For FINA Championships
The government has announced it will begin removing posters and billboards featuring Hungarian-born financier George Soros from Saturday, ahead of the FINA World Aquatics Championships and a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and complying with a newly passed law on billboard advertising, reports. more »

Economy Minister: Hungary Among Safest Countries

Economy Minister: Hungary Among Safest Countries
From all aspects, Hungary is among the safest countries in the world, Economy Minister Mihály Varga said at a business award ceremony in Budapest on Friday. Varga said businesses could plan ahead if the related security was in place. The economy is on a growth path and the state treasury maintains a primary surplus, while the public debt has been shrinking in the past few years, he said. more »

Gov Office Chief: EU Infringement ‘Could Decide Country’s Fate’

Gov Office Chief: EU Infringement ‘Could Decide Country’s Fate’
European Union infringement procedures against Hungary, such as those concerning migration policy and land sales, could “determine [the country’s] fate over the next few decades”, János Lázár, the government office chief, told the last of his weekly press conferences before the summer break. At the same time, Hungary has “some two dozen” such disputes with the European Commission, he said, a “normal number”. more »