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Sunday 24 Sep 2017
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Justice Ministry Proposes Broadening Authority To Conduct Secret Surveillance, Even Without Probable Cause
Hungary’s Ministry of Justice plans changes to laws which would allow law enforcement authorities to conduct secret surveillance on citizens, without any probable cause to suggest a crime had been committed, daily Magyar Nemzet reports. more »
Hungary To Appeal Strasbourg Court’s Ruling On Bangladeshi Asylum-Seekers
Hungary will appeal a recent first-instance ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) fining the state for wrongly detaining and deporting two Bangladeshi asylum-seekers in 2015, the prime minister’s internal security advisor said on Saturday. more »
Trade Association: Prices Could Rise Due To Planned Legislation
The government’s new legislation proposal regarding trade will hold back development and could result in rising retail prices for certain products, the Hungarian Trade Association (OKSZ) said. Professional organisations were not consulted during the preparation of the proposal which obstructs the implementation of modern organisational methods and infringes upon the rights of consumers and the interests of employees, the statement said. more »

Local Opinion: A Bill Against Heineken Beer

Local Opinion: A Bill Against Heineken Beer
A conservative legal analyst finds it ridiculous and unconstitutional that the government intends to enact a law in retaliation against Heineken which has had a Hungarian Transylvanian beer banned by a Romanian court. more »

Orbán: Asylum-Seekers Not To Be Detained

Orbán: Asylum-Seekers Not To Be Detained
Speaking of Hungary’s recent tightening of its asylum rules, Orbán said asylum-seekers must remain in the transit zones set up on the border until their cases are ruled on. “This does not constitute detention,” he said, arguing that migrants have the option of turning back to Serbia whenever they want. more »

Orbán At Talks With Polish, German, Austrian Deputy Speakers

Orbán At Talks With Polish, German, Austrian Deputy Speakers
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met the deputy speakers of Poland, Germany and Austria in Budapest, the head of Orbán’s press office said. Deputy Marshal of the Senate of Poland Maria Koc, Second President of the National Council of Austria Karlheinz Kopf and Vice-President of the Bundestag Johannes Singhammer met Orbán in his office for informal talks, Bertalan Havasi said. more »