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Tuesday 21 Nov 2017
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Orbán: Foreign Attempts At Influence Are “Real And Constant” And Come From Multiple Directions
Prime Minister Orbán paid a visit to the northern Hungarian city of Salgótarján Tuesday as part of the Modern Cities program, where in a press conference he responded to journalists’ questions regarding national security, foreign influence and the independence of his Fidesz party. more »
Video: British Extremist Plans Expat Move To Hungary
Nick Griffin, former leader of the far-right British National Party, has said he would be moving to Hungary before “trouble begins in Western Europe,” according to video footage posted by Hungarian online news portal, in which the controversial politician praises Hungary. more »
Kövér Eases Ban On News Website
Speaker László Kövér has partially lifted his ban on journalists working for website 444 to enter the building of Parliament. more »

Report Says Pro-Trump Propaganda Came From Hungary

Report Says Pro-Trump Propaganda Came From Hungary
Far-right British activist and millionaire Jim Dowson has reportedly confirmed that his “Patriotic News Agency” and other networks that spread pro-Trump propaganda have their bases in Hungary and Serbia, according to a Monday report by the U.K.ʼs Guardian. more »

Hungarian Secret Agent Reveals Seriousness Of Russian Threat

Hungarian Secret Agent Reveals Seriousness Of Russian Threat
By Szabolcs Panyi: Secret agents, counter-intelligence officers do not give interviews to the media very often and it is even more unique when they do so under their real name and with their own face. Ferenc Katrein worked for the Hungarian civilian counter-intelligence agency for 13 years, including a stint as an executive head of operations, and dealt with sensitive cases such as the Roma murders of 2008-2009 or defence against Russian secret services. more »

Hungarian Minister Weighs In On Heineken Case

Hungarian Minister Weighs In On Heineken Case
Hungary’s national interests will not be violated without consequences in the country or beyond, the government office chief told lawmakers on Monday, referring to a planned bill on the use of totalitarian symbols in retail trade. János Lázár said one of the reasons for the bill was because the Heineken group had abused its market position, making the production and distribution of the brand Igazi Csíki Beer impossible. more »