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Sunday 25 Feb 2018
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Neo-Nazi “Asylum Seeker” In Custody
Horst Mahler, who was originally a far-left politician but later became a far-right one, has been arrested in Hungary, the German periodical Spiegel reports. more »
Hungary Must Repay HUF 18 bn To EC In Connection With EMIR Irregularities
The Hungarian government must repay 18 billion forints (EUR 58m) to the European Commission as a result of irregular public procurements connected to the implementation of the Uniform Monitoring and Information System (EMIR), the government information centre said on Sunday. more »
Driver Dies In Serbian Tourist Bus Crash On Budapest Ringroad
One man died and nineteen were injured when a Serbian bus transporting tourists crashed into road maintenance trucks on the M0 Budapest ringroad on Sunday, the disaster management authority said. more »

Ministry: Electrified Fence A Rumour

Ministry: Electrified Fence A Rumour
Border fences are not electrified; rumours are just a way of fomenting tensions, the Interior Ministry said in a statement relayed to state news agency MTI on Friday. In response to the report released by Index, it said a system built alongside the double fence “is not capable of endangering human life” and no reports related to workplace injuries have reached the authorities. more »

Anti-Putin Demo Outside Orbán’s Home

Anti-Putin Demo Outside Orbán’s Home
A satirical demonstration was held outside Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s house Saturday afternoon to name Cinege út Putin Avenue. more »

Local Opinion: Hungary In Permanent Conflict With Brussels

Local Opinion: Hungary In Permanent Conflict With Brussels
An anti-government author cautions against going too far in criticising Brussels and warns that the government might regret its anti–Brussels campaign if, as a result, EU membership were to become the stake at next year’s election. more »