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Saturday 23 Sep 2017
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National Security Committee Head Queries State Leaders About Possible Links Between Azeri Funds, Extradition
The head of parliament’s national security committee Zsolt Molnár, of the opposition Socialists, has asked the interior minister and heads of the national security services, the central bank and the tax office about possible links between the 2012 extradition of an Azeri soldier who had killed an Armenian in Hungary and the alleged transfer of funds to a Hungarian bank account. more »
Prosecutor’s Office Dedicated To Investigating Warnings Concerning EU Support
Public Prosecutor Péter Polt has met a delegation of the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control (CONT) and told them that “the Hungarian prosecutor’s office is dedicated to investigating recommendations and warnings concerning European Union funding,” the prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday. more »
Low Voter Turnout Could Lead To Supermajority
Fidesz could obtain a two-thirds majority in next year’s parliamentary elections if the turnout is low, political scientist Béla Galló told the state-run M1 current affairs channel on Monday. more »

Parties Respond To PM’s Opening Address

Parties Respond To PM’s Opening Address
Party leaders responded to the prime minister’s speech opening the autumn session of parliament, with ruling Fidesz’s group leader focusing on Viktor Orbán’s message on migration while opposition leaders said the Fidesz-led government needed to be replaced in the 2018 general election. more »

Hungary’s State-Owned Lottery Company To Issue ID Cards

Hungary’s State-Owned Lottery Company To Issue ID Cards
State-owned lottery company Szerencsejáték will introduce voluntary identification cards for Hungarians who try their luck with its games from the fourth quarter. Szerencsejáték said the cards, which it will issue free of charge, will result in increased security for gamers. more »

Conflict Between Socialists, DK Deepening?

Conflict Between Socialists, DK Deepening?
The conflict between the Socialist Party and the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) “is no longer a fight but war,” political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly said on Sunday. In an interview to public television, he said that László Botka, the Socialist Party‘s candidate for prime minister, had upped the ante at a weekend party board meeting by declaring that not every opposition party wanted to unseat the government but were instead struggling for their own political survival. In a statement in reaction, Democratic Coalition spokesman Zsolt Gréczy said that Botka had brought about a scenario for defeat. more »