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Friday 24 Nov 2017
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Hungary Signs Education, Economic Pact With Thailand
Hungary has signed “very important” pacts with Thailand on education and economic cooperation, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said from Bangkok. An agreement was struck with the Thai authorities for the continued operation of Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU) in Hungary more »
Soros: Hungarian Government ‘Deliberately Misrepresents My Views’
US financier George Soros said that the Hungarian government’s campaign against him “deliberately” misrepresents his views, in a phone interview published by the Financial Times on Monday. Hungarian-born Soros told the paper that he had until now resisted to respond publicly “to attacks” by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán but felt it was for him time to speak out fearing for the safety of civil groups he sponsors. more »
Retiring Judge Says That The Word 'Law' No Longer Means What It Used To In Hungary
In an interview published by HVG last week, criminal court judge Veronika Dénes, renowned for using the “special behavior rule” to mete out creative sentences, such as requiring Holocaust-deniers to read books on the subject in lieu of imprisonment or fines, announced plans to take early retirement because she is “tired emotionally and physically.” more »

Local Opinion: Dispute Over Migration Rolls On

Local Opinion: Dispute Over Migration Rolls On
A pro-government commentator accuses western business elites of advocating mass immigration in the hope that this will yield them lucrative contracts. A critic of the government, on the other hand, fears that harsh anti-immigrant propaganda might foment hatred in Hungary. more »

Activist Groups Occupy Pest-Buda Restaurant In Protest Of Government Corruption

Activist Groups Occupy Pest-Buda Restaurant In Protest Of Government Corruption
Some 30 activists occupied the Pest-Buda restaurant in Budapest’s exclusive Castle District for some nine hours on Sunday in protest of government corruption and publicly-owned real estate being rented to government-tied business people for well under market value, reports. more »

DK Launches Phone Campaign

DK Launches Phone Campaign
The Democratic Coalition (DK) has launched a telephone campaign to draw attention to its signature collecting drive. more »