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Tuesday 21 Nov 2017
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Video: Fresh Hungarian Counter-Terrorism Force Weapons Raids
Police arrested 12 people in illegal weapons raids conducted across northern Hungary on Tuesday afternoon, the national police said on its website. The raids, which were ordered by counter-terrorism force TEK, also netted automatic weapons, handguns and explosives. more »
Foreign Minister: Hungary Protecting EU Borders With Own Funds
“Contrary to the statements made by the Italian Prime Minister, the Hungarian Government did not construct a fence on the border out of EU money; the people of Hungary are protecting the border of the European Union out of their own money”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said. more »
Socialists Propose Day Of Parliamentary Debate On Public Education
The opposition Socialists has proposed a day of parliamentary debate on the state of public education for Dec. 6. The proposal submitted on Tuesday is supported by lawmakers of Jobbik and green opposition LMP parties, as well as independents. In line with house rules, parliament will hold a debate if at least one-fifth of MPs or the government submit a written proposal initiating it. Every lawmaker can support two parliamentary debates during each parliamentary season. more »

Transparency International: Hungarians See Graft Worsening

Transparency International: Hungarians See Graft Worsening
Hungarians regard graft as a problem that is worsening, József Péter Martin, Transparency International’s (TI) managing director for Hungary, said on Wednesday. The majority thinks that the government’s measures against it are inadequate, he said. Martin insisted that Hungarians feel impotent when it comes to fighting against corruption. TI’s survey showed that 30% of Hungarians viewed their country’s politics as corrupt. more »

Németh: Suspect In Teréz Ring Road Bombing Right Man

Németh: Suspect In Teréz Ring Road Bombing Right Man
It is a “hundred percent” certain that the person police arrested in connection with the Teréz ring road bombing is the right suspect, the deputy chairman of parliament’s national security committee told reporters on Wednesday. more »

Transparency International Slams PM

Transparency International Slams PM
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s defence of Antal Rogán after the Cabinet Office chief was caught lying sends the message to voters that those in power can do anything and corruption cases have no consequence, the head of Transparency International’s (TI) Hungarian office said Wednesday. more »