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Sunday 24 Sep 2017
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Campaign To Collect Signatures For Anti-Graft Referendum Gets Under Way
A campaign to collect signatures for a referendum on extending the statute of limitations in the case of crimes involving corruption got under way at the weekend. Former LMP lawmaker Gábor Vágó initiated the campaign. more »
Local Opinion: Attitudes To Migration As A Test For East & West Within EU
In the heat of the German electoral campaign, Chancellor Angela Merkel has lambasted Hungary for refusing to accept the redistribution of refugees within the European Union. In the light of her comments, Hungarian weeklies wonder how relations between Hungary and the EU, and in a wider context, between Western and Eastern Europe will evolve over the years to come. more »
Local Opinion: Juncker’s Reforms Rejected Out Of Hand
A conservative commentator condemns the sweeping institutional reforms proposed by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his State of the Union address to the European Parliament, as an ‘expression of the will of Brussels bureaucrats to rule over member states.’ more »

Momentum Thrown Out Of Café

Momentum Thrown Out Of Café
Local Momentum party officials were asked to leave a Veszprém café when they held a press conference there without prior permission, pro-Fidesz website Pesti Srácok reports. more »

Opposition Parties Blast Orbán’s ‘Soros Plan’ Public Survey Plans

Opposition Parties Blast Orbán’s ‘Soros Plan’ Public Survey Plans
The opposition Socialist and Democratic Coalition (DK) parties on Thursday lambasted the government’s plan to launch a nationwide public survey on the so-called “Soros plan”, calling on the ruling parties to focus on more important issues. more »

Hungarian Society Aging Rapidly

Hungarian Society Aging Rapidly
Hungarian society is rapidly aging according to the Central Statistical Office (KSH), which expects the ratio of the population over age 65 to minors under 18 to reach 1.66 to 1 by 2030, reports Világgazdaság. more »