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Friday 15 Dec 2017
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Police Conducting Three Investigations Over BKK E-Ticket System
The National Investigation Bureau’s cyber crime unit has launched three criminal procedures related to the Budapest public transport company’s (BKK) e-ticket system, daily Magyar Idők said on Saturday, citing information by the police. more »
New Heat Records In Hungary
Hungary witnessed new heat records in Budapest and in the southeast on Thursday, the national weather service reported. In the capital a record high daily temperature of 38.7 degrees Celsius was measured in the north. The last heat record of 37.8 degrees on this day was measured in 1948 on Budapest’s outskirts in the southwest. more »
Nearly 1,000 Hectares Of Land Destroyed By Hortobágy Wildfire
A wildfire that destroyed nearly a thousand hectares of land in the Hortobágy National Park in eastern Hungary was put out by fire crews, the deputy spokesman for the national disaster management authority said. Dániel Mukics told MTI that fire crews were taking precautionary measures to prevent further wildfires. more »

Parliament’s National Security Committee Reconvenes

Parliament’s National Security Committee Reconvenes
Parliament‘s national security committee held a special session behind closed doors on Thursday, following a no-show of the ruling parties at a meeting on Monday. more »

Four Fifths Of Hungarians Say Hosting World Aquatics Championships Was ‘Good Idea’

Four Fifths Of Hungarians Say Hosting World Aquatics Championships Was ‘Good Idea’
Fully 80% of Hungarians asked said that hosting the recent world aquatics championships was a good idea, while merely 11% said the opposite, a representative survey by Nézőpont shows. The pollster asked a sample of 1,000 just before the competitions took place from July 14 to 30, and another 500 on August 1-2. more »

Temperatures Could Hit 40C in Hungary

Temperatures Could Hit 40C in Hungary
The National Weather Service has issued the highest, third-degree heat alert for Bács, Békés, Csongrád and Jász counties. Peak temperatures could reach 39-40C degrees and in some parts of Hungary 41C in the next few days. The hottest weather is expected from Friday to Sunday. more »