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Thursday 17 Aug 2017
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Gulyás: Transparency Bill Not Aimed At Stigmatising NGOs
Fidesz’s bill on foreign-funded NGOs does not aim to stigmatise the organisations but to increase their transparency, Fidesz deputy group leader Gergely Gulyás said in parliament. Opening the plenary debate of the bill, Gulyás said that “hysteria notwithstanding”, the proposal “is a simple piece of legislation which seeks similar transparency requirements for NGOs as apply to publicly funded bodies”. more »
Data Protection Authority: NGO Transparency Bill Should Be Broadened
Legislation on the transparency of NGOs should be broadened to include political parties benefiting from foreign funding, organisations receiving business donations and bodies which obtain government financial support, Hungary’s National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH) said. more »
Photos: Hungary Hit By High Winds & Snow
Hungary’s highest mountain, Kékestető, in northern Hungary, was covered by 10cm of snow on Wednesday, the national weather centre (OMSZ) said on its website. High winds have also seriously disrupted parts of the country. more »

Government So Far Receives Over 140,000 Responses To Nationwide Survey

Government So Far Receives Over 140,000 Responses To Nationwide Survey
So far, over 140,000 voters have returned their answers by mail or online to the government’s “national consultation” questionnaires, Bence Tuzson, state secretary in charge of government communications, told public news television M1. He reiterated that the survey was designed to ensure public support for the government’s efforts “to protect the utility cuts programme” as well as “to stop illegal migration” and “protect Hungary’s borders”. more »

Video: Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorated In Budapest

Video: Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorated In Budapest
A commemoration was held in the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre on Wednesday to pay tribute to Hungarian Holocaust victims. There have been a great number of disasters in the history of mankind which have claimed millions of lives. But man’s brutality during the Holocaust was beyond any measure experienced in any natural disaster or epidemic before, Defence Minister István Simicskó said. more »

Local Opinion: Press Ponder Anti-Government Demos

Local Opinion: Press Ponder Anti-Government Demos
After a week of demonstrations in support of the American-Hungarian Central European University and watchdog NGOs, but before Good Saturday’s rally in Szabadság (freedom) square, Hungarian weeklies ponder if the current wave of protest will fatally wound the governing forces or share the fate of previous ad hoc movements and fade away. more »