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Sunday 24 Sep 2017
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Hungary Withholds Support For Croatia, Romania OECD Membership Bids
Hungary will not support Croatia and Romania’s bids to join the OECD, the foreign ministry said on Friday. more »
Orbán: Court Ruling Raises ‘Serious Matter Of Principle’
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the outcome of the European court case on quotas had raised a serious matter of principle, namely the question of “whether the EU is a free alliance of European nations or a Brussels-based empire”. more »
PM Orbán: European Court Decision Must Be Taken Into Account
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in an interview to public radio on Friday, said he completely agreed with Slovak premier Robert Fico that the European Court of Justice decision to dismiss Slovakia and Hungary’s complaint concerning EU mandatory migrant quotas had to be acknowledged. more »

Jordan’s Senate Visits Hungary

Jordan’s Senate Visits Hungary
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday met Faisal Al-Fayez, senate president of Jordan, for talks on bilateral relations, Jordan’s ties with the European Union, as well as on security issues, the prime minister’s press chief reported. Parties at the talks agreed that Jordan is instrumental in restoring peace and ensuring stability in the Middle East. more »

Orbán To Juncker: ‘Hungary Not Immigrant Country’

Orbán To Juncker: ‘Hungary Not Immigrant Country’
In a letter to the European Commission president, Hungary’s prime minister has insisted that the commission president’s “interpretation of solidarity conforms neither to EU law nor the historical traditions of Hungary”. “Unlike some other major EU member states, Hungary does not have a colonial past,” the PM said, adding that immigrant countries had obligations arising from their colonial past. “Hungary is not an immigrant country and does not want to become one.” more »

Bernadett Szél Is LMP’s Candidate For Prime Minister

Bernadett Szél Is LMP’s Candidate For Prime Minister
“Part of the reason for the current state of politics is that there is simply no debate. There is not enough public debate. Fidesz regularly allows itself the luxury to absent itself from TV programs, debates. They try to avoid these situations because they are afraid.” – Bernadett Szél, LMP (Politics Can be Different) candidate for prime minister more »