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Monday 22 Sep 2014
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Székely Days In Central Market Hall Budapest

Many years ago I travelled around Transylvania and discovered it to be one of the most beautiful places you will find in this part of the world. At the weekend, the Central Market Hall was briefly transformed into Transylvania.

Visitors had the chance to acquaint themselves with traditional gastronomy, homemade crafts, food delicacies and the culture of these warm and friendly Transylvanian people. This was the 6th Transylvanian Days in association with Felcsík Association.

Felcsík is a colourful and rich area due to its natural resources and cultural heritage. The scenic enviro...
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First General Meeting of NAWA Year In Budapest

With autumn just around the corner, it signaled the first general meeting of the North American Women's Association (NAWA) year bringing together familiar faces, as well as some new ones. It was about having some fun and learning about many enjoyable and useful things in Budapest and helpful hints about the Hungarian kitchen.

Held at the usual venue, the “Raddison Hotel”, the ladies were treated to a functional Hungarian language presentation by life coach Zsofi Kamenczki. She was taking you through the basics of vowels, word pronunciation to useful tips for when you are out and about...
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Freedom OperaGala, Opera House Budapest, 6 September

Exactly 25 years have passed since Hungary opened its borders and allowed tens of thousands of East German tourists to escape to the West. Many people consider this not only to be the first blow in bringing down the Berlin Wall, but as a crucial moment in our shared European identity and a milestone along the path to the pan-European value system and unified continent officially embodied by the European Union.

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