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Friday 31 Oct 2014
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“Pretext” – Budapest English Theatre

Without giving too much away, as this may be showing again in the not too distant future, the play is roughly about the furtive imagination of women, and what they will do or could do, to get a man. In this case, playing them at their own game.

A revisit of the casting-couch scenario, but this time the tables are turned. Lucy, Cathy, and Anne worry that their best years are nearly behind them, so they come up with a cunning plan to seduce hot, young men while they still can.

To their surprise, it actually works. That is, until they are caught in their own web of deceit. An unexp...
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Smiling Hospital Budapest Foundation Creative Workshop And Conference

On Monday, the Smiling Hospital Foundation organized a conference and workshop in Budapest entitled "Participatory Art in Healthcare” presenting the psychological and physical benefits of art and entertainment for sick patients.

This was the final project of the grant received from the International Visegrad Fund in 2013. Now the Smiling Hospital Foundation is extending its activities abroad, working with several artists and organizations.

In liaison with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, the purpose is to establish "smiling activities” in these countries, as well as, giv...
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8th Főzdefeszt + Street Food Show On Andrássy Út

If you were amongst the privileged few 40,000 people or so who attended this year’s Főzdefeszt and Street Food Show, you would not have been disappointed. In its 8th year, this was the ultimate street party with virtually everything you could wish for.

This is the festival that introduced craft beer to Hungarians three years ago and has grown to be the biggest gastronomical festival on the Budapest calendar.

Craft beer is fast becoming a fashionable treat with many great craft beer pubs opening, like “Élesztő”, “Felni Sorbisztro” or the “21-tap” multi-tap bar that was vote...
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