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Thursday 08 Oct 2015
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Xpat Wine Club At Brody Studios, 1 October

What do you get when you bring together six fabulous Hungarian winemakers with nearly 100 of XpatLoop’s wine lovers, all inside the cosy Brody courtyard in downtown Budapest? Well, a memorable evening of tasting and networking to be sure. On hand were wineries AX, Hertzka, Jammertal, Ruppert, Schieber, and Zsirai, all with an array of reds and whites to share, along with entertaining stories behind their creations.


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Gift Of The Gab Budapest: Final Of The Finalists, 18 Sept

By Mary Murphy: The last drop of adrenaline has drained and life is back to normal, or as normal as it gets. Memories of Friday night still live on, where about 180 people gathered to see who in Budapest would win the coveted Gabber title as finalists from the five seasons met on stage at New Orleans in the Gift of the Gab Final of the Finalists. Read more here.

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Mexico’s Independence Day Celebration Budapest, 15 September

On the morning of 16 September 1810, the parish priest of the town of Dolores, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, declared himself in open revolt against Spanish rule from the pulpit of his church, launching the Mexican War of Independence.

He exhorted his following to take up arms and join him in his fight against the injustices of the Spanish colonial system, and within moments he had an army of some 600 men.

This action became known as the ‘Grito de Dolores’ or ‘Cry of Dolores’ and it ignited the pent-up resentment of the Spanish in Mexico. The bloody Mexican War of In...
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