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Saturday 25 Apr 2015
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'Margaret Bridge Renovation Continues', Budapest, 2010

The bridge was originally scheduled to be opened at the end of August 2010, but this is unlikely, as there is an ongoing dispute between Budapest and the MH-2009 Consortium (Közgép, A-Híd and Strabag Zrt.) about pushing out the deadline for completion of the project and excess expenses.

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'St. Stephen's Day Celebrations', Budapest, 20 August 2010

The traditional holiday of the end of the summer, which looks back to several hundred years (originally as the "feast of the new bread"). August 20th is Saint Stephen's Day, when the Basilica bearing the name of this the first Hungarian King pays homage to the patriarch. A water show, a water concert and other large-scale events can be seen in the city, and the highlight of this National Holiday is the Fireworks with countless rockets launched from various locations in the heart of the city.

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'Sziget Festival Performers', Budapest, 2010

Star-performers compared Sziget to the world's best festival Glastonbury, ambassadors residing here are convinced that Sziget indeed is the best in Europe, international journalists were stunned to see the variety and the atmosphere of the event, and Hungarian politicians believe that our favourite festival is the most attractive hungaricum. 382 thousand people were there, in peace and harmony.

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Source of photos: Sziget Festival

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