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Wednesday 25 Nov 2015
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'New Bells For Matthias Church', Budapest, February 2011

"Two new bells were hoisted by a crane into the belfry of Mátyás Church in Buda Castle on Wednesday. They are two of four bells to be made for the church by the Perner company of Passau, Germany at a cost of Ft 180 million. The church obtained Ft 86 million from the Norwegian Fund, while the remaining sums were borne by City Hall and the First District."


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'Zsindelyes Distillery', Érpatak, Hungary, February 2011

"In 1984 we established our family business in Érpatak, where we built distiller equipment using a classical home-distilling technology. Our aim was twofold: first to launch our own commercial distillation, on the other hand to meet the population's demand for paying distillation.

The name of the distillery refers to the settlement where the distillery can be found and to the typical roof-laying traditions of the regions in Szatmár and in Bereg, thereby highlighting the traditional style of brandy distillation."

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'Argentine Tango with Judit Somos & Béla Barabás', Casa de la Música Budapest, 5...

The different tendencies of the modern Argentine tango are very much inspired by the techniques of contact improvisation. Judit and Béla have significant international experience and their interpretation throws a new light upon tango.

The participants of the classes will go through contact improvisation exercises and will gradually get to more structured Argentine tango steps.

The teachers seek connection, improvisation, developing creativity and harmony both in contact dance and in tango.

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