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Wednesday 29 Jul 2015
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PortH Városi Csárda, Budapest, 29 October

Hungarian Bravado with a Pinch of Humour in the Heart of Budapest. If you are attracted by originality and additionally you have a fine, polished humour, get off the track and visit PortH Városi Csárda.

The interior of this “Rural Inn” combines uniquely the undeniable hungaricums with the latest design culminating in red, white and green rooms. A place in the heart of Budapest, where the warm and cosy feeling of Hungarian hospitality is mixed with Erős Pista, Édes Anna, Unicum and 6:3 in London… all piquant moments of the Hungarian culture, a bit reconsidered.

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Cleaning After The Red Mud Disaster Goes Slowly, October 2010

People at Devecser are more and more exasperated because clearing away the toxic remains requires more and more time. Although experts promised the end of the project for Sunday, the majority of the yards are still flooded with the dangerous toxic sludge. Moreover, there are some parts, especially in the outer areas that have not been started to be cleaned at all. Experts say, the coming of the first frosts would also cause serious problems in the cleaning procedure.

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Brad Pitt  Seen Working With Angelina Jolie In Budapest

It seems Angelina Jolie gave a filming role to her husband in Budapest on 13 October

At Rózsák square, where she is making her new film, Brad Pitt was seen walking around with a big camera and taking pictures, and here are the photos that apparently prove it.

Photos used with permission of [origo], photographer: Mudra László

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