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Saturday 26 Jul 2014
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'Elephant Auction For Homeless', Budapest 2009

"Since spring of 2009, around 80 artists and well-known personalities have joined the campaign by creating unique pieces of art. These elephant statues have been entertaining city-dwellers and the tourists up till now – but the time has come for them to finally find a home and accomplish their noble mission: the money raised at the auction will help the renovation of a Homeless Shelter in the 9th District - say organizer, Elephant Holding."

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'Erotika Expo', Budapest Hungexpo, 18 - 20 September

Stars: Britney Springs, Yoha, Nikki Rider, Mészáros Dóra, Lévai Adrienn, Maya Gold, Alison Star, Devil Virgin, Donna, Kyra Black, Regina Moon, Gloria Hell

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Coop Rally Hungary, 17 -  19  September

This year it has been the 4th time Coop Rally was organised for quality Hungarian Food. The 600 km Rally route's goal was to drive people's attention to Hungarian food. Their shops are visited by 1.5 million customers per day and 80 % of their range of products are Hungarian. 80 groups joined this initiative who employ 70.000 people and cover 20 - 25 % of food industry, reaching nearly 1000 billion forint revenue.

This year they started from Pick Szeged and covered two regions. At Alföld and North they visited the important food producers, suppliers and marts, where hosts presented ...
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