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Thursday 21 Sep 2017
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'Behind The Scenes’ @ GE Global Operations, 7 March

GE has been operating in Hungary since the end of 1989, when it made a strategic investment in Hungarian lamp manufacturer Tungsram. Currently GE has 10,000+ associates in Hungary; of them 9,000 are working in the industrial businesses and an additional 1,500 employees in GE’s Global Operations Center, Budapest. Read more by clicking here.

Words and photos by Russell Skidmore for Xp...
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Celebration Of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State Day, Budapest, 16 Februar...

Always celebrated on 16 February, this holiday marks the act of independence from Germany in 1918. This holiday is Lithuania's National Day.

Under King Mindaugas, Lithuania emerged as a state in the 13th century and by the 18th century Lithuania had become part of the Russian Empire. During the first world war, the country was occupied by German troops as they advanced towards Russia.

Following the Russian revolution in 1917, Germany encouraged Lithuanians to determine their future, in the hope they would prefer a union with Germany rather than Russia. Germany supported the esta...
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British Ambassador’s Burns Night In Budapest, 25 January

Burns Night, held in honour of Scotland’s most famous poet Robert Burns, is celebrated in the UK and by Scottish communities all over the world on the poet’s birthday, 25th January.

Last night, British Ambassador Iain Lindsay also welcomed guests at his Residence to commemorate the life and works of Robert Burns. The traditional Burns Night menu included haggis, recitals of Burns’ poetry both in English and Hungarian, and an impressive range of whisky – the British Embassy is very grateful for the sponsorship of view images »

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