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Sunday 21 Jan 2018
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International Meeting Point Budapest, 27 February

If you are an expat who just arrived in Budapest, and you would like to meet other foreigners or locals; or if you are Hungarian and you would like to exercise your English, French, or any other languages in a cheerful atmosphere: International Meeting Point Budapest may be your thing.

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Photos by Ivan Thiriez

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Mexican Painter & Muralist Exhibition, Budapest Gallery

They came from far and wide: Mexico, Macedonia, Manchester, and, of course, Magyarorszag. This was the opening night of “Kaleidoscope of my imaginary” by Julio Carrasco Bretón, Mexican painter and muralist at The Budapest Gallery. I must confess, I did go to Art College but I am no art critic. So I thought I would ask those who know, to let me know a bit of what they thought. So they did.

One person said that “It’s indicative of Mexican art, it’s like stepping back into Mexico”, another said “It’s the colours of the Aztec culture” and then couple said ”I spent three months livi...
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Budapest Fish Festival, Akvárium Club, 15 -17 February

Hungary, a country full of gastronomic delights, and fish ranks high up there with them. Despite being landlocked, the country has many fresh water lakes and rivers, which are considered as some of the cleanest in Europe.

With this in mind, I took myself to the “Budapest Fish Festival” at the “Akvárium Club”, one of the highlights on the gastronomy calendar. The locals, as well as the not so local, gathered in their masses to enjoy some sumptuous food accompanied with the preverbial wines and palinkas. You can’t help but just want to try everything. With the Danube being on my doorste...
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