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Saturday 17 Mar 2018
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Budapest Fish Festival, Akvárium Club, 15 -17 February

Hungary, a country full of gastronomic delights, and fish ranks high up there with them. Despite being landlocked, the country has many fresh water lakes and rivers, which are considered as some of the cleanest in Europe.

With this in mind, I took myself to the “Budapest Fish Festival” at the “Akvárium Club”, one of the highlights on the gastronomy calendar. The locals, as well as the not so local, gathered in their masses to enjoy some sumptuous food accompanied with the preverbial wines and palinkas. You can’t help but just want to try everything. With the Danube being on my doorste...
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The Vibe Concert, Becketts Budapest, 16 February

“Do do do da da da , that’s all I want to say to you” wasn’t all “The Vibe” had to say and play to us on Friday night at Becketts. There were lots of classics, which slowly pulled the audience into the palm of their hands and onto the dance floor. Playing a wide selection of well-known covers, The Vibe are Budapest's new band of choice. With dynamic guitar solos, tight rhythms and harmonies guaranteed, the play list included Oasis “Supersonic”, The Verve “Lucky Man”, Amy Winehouse “Valerie” and many more.

They ended with “I predict a riot”, which was just about starting to erupt on th...
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Borjour Magnum, Millenaris Budapest, 16 February

This has been the largest indoor wine-tasting event of the year in Hungary.

Photos by István Kovács

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