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Sunday 29 Mar 2015
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Freesoft buys up MoolTech

Hungarian software company FreeSoft announced on Wednesday that it would buy up IT company MoolTech Informatikai Szolgáltató és Fejlesztõ Kft.
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Tschibo moves production from Hungary

Barely a year after Kraft Foods Hungária Kft discontinued coffee production in Hungary, market leader Tschibo Budapest Kft also announced plans to close down its Hungarian coffee plant with and move production to Vienna and Hamburg in H1 2005.
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Hit by puck, she slaps

A Manhattan woman went to a hockey game - and a lawsuit broke out.
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Eastern bloc prospers as 'old Europe' falters

YOU could have doubled your money last year, had you invested in European stocks. Not in Frankfurt or in Paris, where an index tracking fund would have yielded niggardly returns of 4 per cent and 7 per cent, respectively. In order to realise the biggest gains you needed to move your money east.
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Referendum blues

Last year, all 25 member states of the European Union solemnly signed up to a new constitutional treaty that is supposed to make the enlarged EU more democratic, more effective and more transparent. Now the 25 governments have to get that document ratified in their national parliaments. At least 10 are proposing to hold national referendums on what is a long (nearly 300 pages) and complicated document.

Barely a third of their voters say they are well informed about what it contains. It is high time that the member states launched a comprehensive programme to enlighten and explain if they want to win positive support for such a fundamental treaty.
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Springer Steps Up Its Eastward Push

Fakt, Poland's top tabloid daily, is published by a German company. And not just any German company: Its founder, Axel Springer, was such a rabid anticommunist that he chose to erect the company's West Berlin offices near the Berlin Wall so that he could look down, literally, on East Germany's leaders.
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Aranypók faces liquidation

Aranypók Trading Rt may be liquidated, if an investor is not found. The clothing retail chain has a long history and has just been chosen from one of the 400 “Superbrands” - the most respected brands in Hungary, but still may end up like Keravill, another “post-socialist” retailer, which was closed few weeks ago. The company has 36 well-located shops in Budapest and a well-known brand name; which may attract an investor. (Nv 5) G.R.

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Philip Morris shuts down factory in Eger

Philip Morris Hungary Kft shut down production, as planned, at its cigarette factory in Eger (NE Hungary) at the start of the year, a spokeswoman for the company said yesterday. Philip Morris has made cigarettes at the factory since 1992.
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Books & Bytes in Budapest, Hungary

On a cold winter day there is nothing nicer than nestling down in a big armchair with a book and a cup of coffee or tea. Budapest now has several bookshops which offer just this service for visitors. Right in the center of the city, on the great boulevard of Andrassy ut, you will find the Irok Boltja (Writers Bookshop).
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MÁV to lease vehicles for over HUF 6 bn

Hungarian railways MÁV is to lease passenger cars and trucks from LeasePlan Hungary for HUF 6.178 billion in the next four years, national newswire MTI reported on Tuesday.

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Hungary MOL buys out MOL Austria Handels GmbH

Hungarian fuels group MOL said on Tuesday that on 31 December 2004 it purchased the 25% share of Baustoffimport GmbH in MOL Austria Handels GmbH and increased its share to 100% in the company.

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Growth helps EU newcomers trim '04 budget deficits

European Union newcomers finished their first year of membership in the enlarged bloc with lower-than-planned budget deficits, benefiting from faster economic growth and favourable financing conditions.

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Hungary on track for budget deficit target

Hungary stands a good chance of meeting its revised budget deficit target of 5.3 percent of gross domestic product, the finance ministry said Monday.

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Tsunami lashes Hungarian tourism industry

According to preliminary estimates, 6 tour operators running trips to Southeastern Asia suffered losses of Ft 100 – 200 million due to the disaster in the region.
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Malév to save on younger fleet

Hungarian Airlines Malév Rt withdrew its last Boeing 737 Classic yesterday, as part of a replacement project aimed at considerable savings on maintenance and operation, the company's technical director said yesterday.
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