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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
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Caviar & Bull Restaurant

Mediterranean haute cuisine in the heart of Budapest

Caviar & Bull Restaurant
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Japanese Restaurants in Budapest

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

"Tradition And Quality Since 1991"

The Fuji Japanese Restaurant opened 25 years ago as a first in Hungary with a traditional Japanese cuisine. Chef Usuda Masato has brought to life the unique art form of the Japanese Kitchen.

Fuji was the first restaurant where fans of the Far-East gastronomy could come and have a traditional meal. Created with guidance from the chef and skilled cooks with an appreciation of traditional Japanese methods to bring the best to the guests table.

Our goal is to show that Japanese cuisine is more than Sushi and Sashimi but has a broad and complex Kitchen as well. The highest quality of ingredients are used in the preparation of a meal, harmoniously blending traditional and modern style. We have an open Sushi bar as well tables where you yourself can cook and have an opportunity to taste and experience dishes such as Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu, Ishikari Nabe, etc. We have an abundant selection of exotic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Traditional Tatami rooms are available for a more private dining experience. Perfect for business meetings, family gatherings, or a romantic meal.

Awards over the past 25 years:

- Best of Budapest award
- Top 50 in Hungarian restaurants
- "Hungarian Best Asian Restaurant" award
- Recommended in multable magazines: Gault and Millau, Time Out, BBJ, etc.

1025 Budapest, Csatárka 54.

Tel: (1) 325 7111

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Corinthia - Rickshaw Restaurant & Sushi Bar

For a truly unique dining experience, the Rickshaw Far Eastern Restaurant serves authentic dishes from across the Orient in an atmosphere which complements the traditional arts and materials of the Far East.

Are you ready for a new experience? Look out for our South East Asian restaurant serving traditional dishes from its region, for those who like to taste the latest creations of our Japanese chef.

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 43-49.

Tel: (1) 479 4000

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Address: 1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 7.
Phone: (1) 613 1508

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Bambuszliget restaurant & Sushi Bar

1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 18
Phone:(1) 318 1144

Cosmo Fusion Restaurant

1052 Budapest, Kristóf tér 7-8.
06 1 266-3096


1015 Budapest, Mészáros u. 64
Tel: 225-3965


1062 Budapest, Teréz krt. 55-57
06 1 426 40 55

Japán Restaurant

1025 Budapest, Törökvész út 76.
Tel: 200-6866

Okuyama no Sushi

One reason to support this claim is his 44 years of experience preparing sushi, he started out in Tokyo at 10 washing the fish and watching his masters at work. Today he welcomes you to his own place and promises everyone to take personal care of their requirements, inc. a specially selected taste of his home country right here in Hungary.

Prices are reasonable, a large sushi set will come to about HUF 5000, however guests are invited to hand pick from a range of sushi options and price categories.

As well as sushi you will find cooked dishes such as fried shrimps, marinaded fried chicken, and grilled mackerel for example. Deserts include ice-cream with sweet bean cream.

Open every day, except Monday.

Kolosy tér 5-6. Kolosy Üzletház

Tel / Fax 250 8256

Papir Tigris (Paper Tiger)

Open: Monday - Sunday

Budapest III. district Bécsi út 170. 1100-2300
Tel.: +36-1-235-0490

Planet Sushi Fashion Street

1051 Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 3.

Planet Sushi Oktogon

1075 Budapest, Oktogon tér 3.
Tel.: +36 1 413 78 30

Sushi Sei

1036 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 15.
Tel: 240-4065

Sushi Sei - Új Udvar

1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 38-44.
Phone:(1) 240 4065

Sushi Sei Sushi Bar

1075 Budapest, Kazincy utca 52/c
+36 1 411 0596

Takebayashi Restaurant / Bambuszliget

1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 18.
Tel: 318-1144

Tokyo Sushi & Grill

1026 Budapest, II. Gábor Áron utca 74-78., Rózsakert shopping center

Tel.: 391-5955

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