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Monday 19 Feb 2018
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Tailors In Budapest

Simon Skottowe

Business Philosophy
In real Bespoke tailoring the customer is King. Every suit is created individually for each customer who can specify everything, from the width of the lapel to the number and position of the pockets.

The relationship between the client and the tailor is of paramount importance. We, at Simon Skottowe Ltd, strive to understand each customer¹s personal tastes and wishes, and translate these perfectly into a suit, a jacket, or whatever he may desire.

We believe only the best is good enough. Combining traditional skills with modern styling, we cut and stitch each suit by hand. Of course only the best cloth is used for our suits and, from a selection manufactured by the best English and Italian mills, the choice is endless. This is complemented by our use of exceptionally high quality linings and buttons.


Address: 1054 Budapest, Zoltán utca 10.

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