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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
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Squash in Budapest

RSC Rózsadomb

The Rózsadomb Squash Club (RSC) is located in the Rózsadomb Bevásárló Center in the 2nd disctrict of Budapest.

The Club was established in 2002 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to create a squash club where all the squash fans feel good and find their comfort in a well equiped sport field. Our squash courts built with a level shift method and two of our courts has cascade auditorium which is quite unique.

The Rózsadomb Squash Club is proud to offer servic
* 2 colour and 3 white glass-backed courts
* High level squash event management
* Professional squash coaches to teach and to keep you well trained
* Massage
* Sauna

In the past 8 years our club built up a strong position in the squash „society”. The Hungarian Squash Association listed our club amoung the THREE BEST squash clubs in Hungary because of our professional services and our warm hospitality.

The Rózsadomb Squash Center provides wide variety of passes with special fee constructions. We have also on-line reservation system.
We would be pleased to welcome you in our squash club.

1025 Budapest, Törökvész u. 89.
Tel: 345-8490

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Arnold Gold Fitness & Squash Club

1157 Budapest Szentmihályi u. 131.
Tel: 414-0580

City Squash & Fitness

1022 Budapest Marczibányi tér 13.

Telefon: 336-0408

Griff Squash Club

Budapest XI. Bartók Béla út 152.
Tel: 206-4065

Lido Squash Club

1031 Budapest, Nánási út 67.

On Line - Budaörs

Budaörs Forrás u. 7.
06/23 444-344

Római Teniszakadémia & Squash Club

Budapest, III. Királyok útja 105.
240-3894, 240-3895

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