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Saturday 29 Apr 2017
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Disco / Dance Clubs in Budapest

A38 Ship

Address: 1113 Budapest, Petőfi bridge, Buda side
Telefon: 1/464-3940, 1/464-3946

Action Bár

1053 Budapest, Magyar utca 42
Tel: 266-9148

Almássy tér Recreation Center

Budapest VII. ker. Almássy tér 6.

Angel Club

Budapest Szövetség u. 33.
Tel: 351-6490

Árkádia Mulató

Budapest Fehérvári út 120.

Art Café

Budapest V. ker. Vörösmarty tér 1.

Asylum Pince

Budapest Mátyás u. 7.
tel.:(30) 940-4566

B63 Star Pub

Budapest Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 63.

Bahnhof Budapest Music Club

Budapest Nyugati pu.

Bamboo Music Club

Budapest Dessewffy u. 44.

Banán Klub

Budapest III. ker. Mátyás király út 15.

Bank Dance Hall

Budapest V. ker. Váci u. 3.

Bárcsak Bar

1060 Budapest, Izabella utca 85
Tel: 269-1124


Budapest XIX. ker. Vas Gereben u. 4.
tel.:282-9700 or 282-6450

Bem Rockpart

Budapest I. ker. Bem rkp. 6

Benczúr Klub

Budapest VI. ker. Benczúr u. 27

Buddy Holly Club-Lurdy Ház

Budapest IX. ker. Kruspér u. 2.

Café Modern

Budapest Attila u. 77.

Café Rolling Rock Óbuda

Budapest Bécsi út 53-55.

Calypso Club

Budapest XIV. ker. Öv u. 2.


Budapest V. ker. Belgrád rakpart 23.

Citadella Dance Club

Budapest XI. ker. Citadella sétány

Club 511

Budapest V. ker. Szent István krt. 1.

Club Bohemien Alibi

1091 Budapest, Üllõi út 45-42
Tel: 06-20-314-1959

Club La Ventura

Budapest Krúdy Gy. u. 11.
tel.:(20) 322-8602

Club Scream

Budapest XX. ker. Török Flóris u. 7.

Club Seven

Budapest VII. ker. Akácfa u. 7.

Club Verne

Budapest V. ker. Váci u. 6.

Colosseum Mash Disco

Budapest XV. ker. Késmárk u. 100.
tel.: (20) 921-3845

CoXx Men's Bar

1072 Budapest, Dohány utca 38
Tel: 344-4884

Cream Café Music Club

1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 28

CUBA Libre

1024 Budapest, Lövoház u. 2-6.,

Desperados Mexican Pub

1053 Budapest Kossuth Lajos. u. 20.

Dokk Jazz Bistro

One of the cities most expensive night-clubs, but also considered by some to be Budapest's only true night club because of it's western style and multilevel dance floors, Dokk features several different styles of music.

Budapest, III, Hajógyári sziget 122

Economics University / Közgáz Pinceklub

This is the place to go for university students in town. Located in the basement of the Economics university, it is relatively cheap and full of students who have a lot of pent-up energy from all that studying, so the atmosphere is full of quite high spirits.

Budapest, IX, Fövam tér 8

Ezres Klub

Budapest Irinyi József u. 9-11.

Face Music Club

Budapest Teréz krt. 55.
tel.:(20) 414-5025

Fat Mo's Music Club

Budapest Nyári Pál u. 11.

Gentry Club

Budapest Margit krt. 50-52.
tel.:(20) 377-7776

Geronimo Biker Pub

Budapest III. ker. Bogdáni út 1.
tel.:(30) 283-9954

Hades Jazztaurant

Budapest VI. ker. Vörösmarty u. 3.

Harley Cafe

Reflecting the "Harley" theme, the interior features a Harley Davidson Bike …as you enter the narrow hall, there is an elongated bar with a small but busy dance floor. Free entry, energetic DJ's, nice bartenders and good cocktails.

Budapest, VII, Dohány utca 22-24

Inside Café& Lounge

VI. Teréz krt. 30 (next to Muvesz cinema)
Tel.: (36-1) 269-5566

Morrison's Liget

1101 Budapest, Népliget út 2.
+36 70 527 527 2

Palace Dance Club

8600 Siófok Deák F. sétány 2.
tel.:(82) 351-295


Known as the wild place of the artists' crowd, this little club is a hang-out for local actresses, writers and a riffraff assortment of characters with an intimate, but lively, dance floor

Budapest, VI, Nagymezõ utca 25


Now with a proper restaurant attached, Portside is a lovely cellar bar with a small dance floor and good selection of music as well as drinks.

Budapest, VII, Dohány utca 7


If you are looking for Latin dancing and a chance to mix with the real people, there are both here. The dance floor is big enough to fit a flurry of dance enthusiasts from all walks of life comfortably.

Budapest, V, Szent István körút 13

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