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Thursday 21 Sep 2017
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XpatLoop Interview Two: Andreas M. Schuster Director of Sales & Marketing, Corinthia Hotel Budapest 1. What’s been happening at work and at home since your first Xpat Interview?
A lot has happened on the work side, in the Corinthia Hotel itself in terms of service - we made tremendous changes. Also recently there was The Grand Hotel Budapest screening.
In my private life my first daughter Mia was born, she is three months old now. She fills our life with love and happiness. Bonding with a new ... more »

Xpat Interview: Mehdi Benaniba My name is Mehdi BENANIBA, I am a French&European citizen of 25 y.o. living in Budapest for the past 2 years. I am graduated in marketing and work currently as a French/English/Spanish Representative for a bank. I also love sport and practice rugby with the Budapest Exiles.
During my free time I handle several project related with on-line optimization and community management such as:
- D ... more »

Xpat Interview: Fleur Hangel I love the UK, have been there many times, have studied, read, taught, lectured in English all my life...
Have an MA and a Doctor Univ. in English (excellent Hungarian invention inherited from the pre-1990 times), a post-grad. diploma in psychology and counselling.
At the moment I give lectures to foreign students from the EU on Hungarian history and culture in Budapest...

1. Where di ... more »

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