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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
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XpatLoop Interview: Marvin Gauci, Owner, Caviar & Bull Restaurant Budapest When Marvin Gauci was 13 he helped out at a popular beachside hotel after school and during the summer months. He immediately took an interest in kitchen activities and started participating in breakfast preparations.Marvin wasn’t particularly fond of academia and decided to ask the hotel owner for a full-time job once he finished secondary school, however the hotelier dissuaded him from doing so, ... more »

XpatLoop Interview: László Szabó, Managing Director, P92 RDI Laszlo is currently the MD of one of the biggest Hungarian firms dedicated for individual enterprise software development. He’s mostly focused on business development and public relations.Previously he worked for Arvato Systems Hungary, a subsidiary of the German media giant Bertelsmann AG. He was the Division Director of Thin-client enterprise ERP solutions, E-learning and Portal Solutions Divisi ... more »

XpatLoop Interview Two: Agnes Weninger, Editor-in-Chief, Best Of Budapest & Hungary 1. What’s been happening at work and at home since your first Xpat Interview?
After several years of a long-distance relationship, I moved to the island of Crete in 2007 to be with Dimitri. Since I could not yet speak Greek, I had to come up with my own way to make a living so together with a good friend of mine, who was also a lover of Greece and all things Greek, we started a pocket guide to th ... more »

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