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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
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XpatLoop Inteview: Dániel Kólya, CEO Budapest Park Dániel Kólya - Chief Executive Officer of Budapest Park, the largest open-air club and concert venue in Budapest and in Hungary. I was born in Hungary an was involved in a couple of professions and engagements before joining Budapest Park: I lead and managed various types of organizations and was also a consultant, trainer and coach.1. Where did you grow up?
I was born and grew up in Budapest, in ... more »

XpatLoop Interview: Aliya Syzdykova, Lawyer at Lakatos, Köves and Partners Law Firm "I am a lawyer and live / work in Budapest together with my family. We are happy here and look forward living/working in Budapest.
I am bilingual in Russian and Kazakh and speak many other languages due to moving around the world too many times :)
I love sports / cross-fit / bodybuilding by making impossible possible, train not only my body but mind to feel totally fit, not just because I ... more »

XpatLoop Interview: Jim Kearney, Managing Director, UPS Hungary, Greece & Romania Mr Kearney has worked for UPS all of his working career, 28 years in April this year. He is a Chartered Management Accountant, and spent 20 years in the Finance and Accounting function in UPS before moving into General Management.
He was the UPS Managing Director for Ireland and for 17 non-subsidiary companies, including a number of Hungary's neighboring countries, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia and ... more »

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