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Wednesday 29 Jul 2015
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XpatLoop Interview 4: Diego Massidda, CEO, Vodafone Hungary 1. Since we last met Vodafone Hungary abolished roaming charges - how is this working out for customers, and your business? Have other companies followed your lead?
Yes, we abolished roaming charges for our Red package customers to be exact, and it’s working well. 50% of our customers travel somewhere in Europe every year, and roaming charges were a bit of a concern for many people. Now, right ar ... more »

XpatLoop Interview: Gergely Soós - Neo Interactive, Managing Director “Jerome's pa, neo's alpha, yoga hacker, aussie music ninja, God of his dogs, wannabe Heisenberg.”1. Where did you grow up?
Here in Budapest, in the eighth district, which was a great school of life - not dangerous but challenging. I attended a regular school, it was ethnically very mixed, and I was in a special music class called 8Z. I also had a music focus in kindergarten, and music is my famil ... more »

XpatLoop Interview: Isabel Val I'm Isabel. I'm 26 and I'm from Barcelona. I'm a professional photographer I came to Budapest to do an European Voluntary Service and to have new experiences that can inspire my work.I aim to capture everything out there to discover all that is within me. That quite dark side moving away from reality, from daily matters.I prefer to work with film, giving the surprise, the error and the experimenta ... more »

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