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Saturday 25 Oct 2014
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Xpatloop Interview: Anett Vizi Hairdresser As a professional hairstylist and passionate mother of two, Anett Vizi tells us about herself, her career, her motivation, and the latest hair trends. Visit her Salon by clicking hereWhat inspired you to become a hairstylist? Did you always want to be one?
My father advised me to choose this profession as I’ve always been creative and liked to work with people.
Do you have a role model or a pr ... more »

XpatLoop Interview: Tim Metz Being born and raised in Southern California I am often asked, what are you doing here in Budapest? The question is not so much of what bothers me rather the tone from the interrogator; one that implies that California is a dreamland and Budapest is, well, the opposite. I couldn’t disagree with this sentiment more.
The world, our surroundings and our attitudes towards it all are what we make o ... more »

XpatLoop Interview Two: Isabel B. Téllez Rosete, Ambassador of Mexico in Hungary 1. What’s been happening at work and at home since your first Xpat Interview?
Many things, among others, this year we are celebrating the 40 Anniversary of the reestablishment of the relations between Mexico and Hungary. In fact most of the cultural events of this year have been focusing on that. In another way both countries have increased their contacts in the economic and political field ... more »

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