Tuesday 20 Feb 2018
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Nationalist Jobbik Party Doubles Voter Base In Hungary

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Nationalist Jobbik Party Doubles Voter Base In Hungary
"Hungary's far-right Jobbik party has doubled its voter base by now since May, pollster Tárki has reported on Wednesday. While the lead of main centre-right opposition party Fidesz has shrunk since the last survey, it is still 36 percentage points ahead of the governing Socialist Party (MSZP).

Among eligible voters, Fidesz enjoys a support of 34%, down from 37% in May and 36% in April. The popularity of the Socialists has not changed much, remaining at 13% in June, the same as in May, but slightly up from 11% in April.

According to the Tárki poll, 40% of the respondents claimed they'd rather not choose any party from the current political palette.

Among voters with party preference, Fidesz continues to boast a huge lead (36 bps) over the Socialists. This is not as wide, though as in May (41ppts) and in April (43 ppts).
Among decided voters with party preference, Fidesz leads by 35 ppts, also less than in May (53 ppts) and April (42 ppts).

In this category, 58% of the respondents said would vote for Fidesz, while in May 70% of them said the same (and 64% in April and 62% in March).

One of the possible reasons for the apparent fluke in May, Tárki said, is that some of Jobbik's supporters said they were actually Fidesz voters. Additionally, Socialist voters were less certain about their choice. In June, 23% of the respondents claimed to support the MSZP, while after a similar data in April only 17% of those polled said the same in May.

Tárki's June poll, conducted with the participation of 1,000 people between June 3 and 17, found that Jobbik's voter based doubled in a month to 10%, while the liberal Free Democrats (SZDSZ) managed to hold their position (3%). Meanwhile, the Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) advanced to 3% from 1%."

Source: Portfolio Online Financial Journal