Hungarian National Public Service University Introduces Itself At Educatio Exhibition

  • 1 Feb 2012 8:00 AM
Hungarian National Public Service University Introduces Itself At Educatio Exhibition
"The introduction of the National Public Service University was a great success at the Educatio 12th International Educational Exhibition, which opened in Budapest on January 20.

Nearly 200 exhibitors representing virtually all Hungarian institutions of higher education were present in the "Papp László" Budapest Sport Arena, the venue of Hungary’s tertiary education display, to introduce their courses and the latest developments, tools and methods in the field of education.

This was the first time that the National Public Service University (NPSU) had appeared at the Educatio exhibition. The NPSU was established on January 1, 2012 with the merger of the Faculty of Public Administration Faculty that was split off from the Budapest Corvinus University, the Police College and the Miklós Zrínyi National Defence University.

The personnel wearing different uniforms at the stand of the NPSU were there to help the students and share their experiences with them about the military, police and customs studies, and the secrets of these vocations. Among others, Gen. Dr. Tibor Benkő, the Chief of the MoD Defence Staff, NPSU Rector Prof. Dr. András Patyi and Col. Zsolt Molnár, the commander of the HDF Ludovika Battalion visited the stand of the university.

Brig.-Gen. Dr. Gergely Virányi, the Deputy Rector for Education of the NPSU told us that “judging by the questionnaires, it is clear that the young people here are making inquiries here not only out of courtesy, as many of them are coming to our stand with a definite goal in mind.

Although there are some among them who want to visit the legal predecessor institutions, most students know what the NPSU is about. Most of them are interested in the courses offered by the Faculty of Law Enforcement and the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Cadet Training (NPSU MSOCT).”

The NPSU MSOCT is Hungary’s single university faculty providing military education, where the students can participate in six, seven or eight semesters of basic training (with BSc degree), and in two or four semesters of advanced training (with MSc degree).

In 2012, the BSc majors include security and defence policy, military and safety engineering, military economics, military leadership, international studies and defence administration. The MSc majors that provide training for the military officers of the future are as follows: security and defence policy, military leadership, national security and defence administration.

(Ministry of Defence)"


Photo: Veronika Dévényi

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