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Sunday 25 Feb 2018
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Budapest Várkert Bazár To Host Software Development Conference

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Budapest Várkert Bazár To Host Software Development Conference
Hungarian tech companies Ustream and Prezi are teaming up with the local unit of Sweden’s Ericsson to host the CRAFT software developer conference in Budapest between 22 and 24 April. More than 1,300 professionals have registered for the conference. About 60% are foreigners, arriving from 41 countries.

Among the speakers will be top developers at Google, Twitter, PayPal, LinkedIn and eBay, such as Douglas Crockford, father of JavaScript, Bruce Eckel, the author of one of the most popular Java and C++ books, Dan North, who is a world-known agile expert, Gojko Adzic, who is an expert of producing high quality software, Jeff Hodges, who builds distributed systems at Twitter, John Willis, who is the father of devops, Michael Feathers, who wrote one of our bibles, Mitchell Hashimoto, the creator of popular devops tools like Vagrant, Packer and SERF, or Michael Nygard, who is one of the most popular speakers on the field of resilient architectures, and Jonas Boner, an expert on reactive applications.

The conference will take place at Várkert Bazár (Royal Garden Pavilion) is Budapest’s freshly renovated Neo-Renaissance building complex on the side of the hill that goes from the Danube’s Buda side riverfront up to the Royal Palace.


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