Monday 22 Jan 2018
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Now On: Interference Exhibition, Trafó

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Now On: Interference Exhibition, Trafó
Now on until 29 January 2017. The group exhibition of Trafó Gallery, as all programs of Trafó in January 2017 cast the spotlight onto the youngest and freshest generation of Hungarian contemporary artists.

The thematic focus of the exhibition concentrates on new abstract tendencies, which is one of the potential big narratives of young contemporary Hungarian art.

Abstraction, which has evolved theoretically and aesthetically for over hundred years, was an important central notion for many generations of Hungarian artists during the 20th century; the youngest generation has just started to experiment with it a few years ago.

The exhibition thus tries to highlight the parallel paths and experiments in the young Hungarian abstract tendencies.

Although all four of the exhibitors approach differently the language of abstraction, they share a goal and motivation, which is to distract and interfere with the perceptional routines of their spectators.

Márk Fridvalszki (1981) who is currently living in Leipzig has dug deep into the aestehtics of the post-digital and glitch, since his career start in Vienna.

Fridvalszki operates with abstract geometric motives, which go through „retrogade” technical distortions and mutations in his works. Gábor Kristóf (1988) reaches poetics of seemingly asbtract surfaces through found industrial objects.

Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó (1985) a sculptor graduated at the University of Pécs primarly analyses models of networks through abstraction.

One of the newest cycles of Csaba Szentesi (1977) is based on gesture-like motives. Szentesi creates instinctive abstract forms with the help of paper-tearing.

Exhibiting artists: Márk Fridvalszki, Gábor Kristóf, Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó, Csaba Szentesi

Location: Trafo Gallery
Address: 1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.
Ttel.: (+36 1) 456 2040

Free entrance