Budapest Art Week, Until 23 April

  • 20 Apr 2017 11:50 AM
Budapest Art Week, Until 23 April
BudapestArtWeek is a new program series aimed at giving new drive and direction to the local fine art scene, supplementing the Budapest Spring Festival’s classic arts program series. It provides a unique 'orientation point' for a wide range of events for lovers of fine art.

Organisers told Xpatloop, "The festival offers and synchronizes nearly 60 art events, which enables visitors to discover today’s significant and lively fine arts spots in one week. The initiative has started after realizing that art institutions – adjusting to the actual needs – should put more and more emphasis on their community building functions, besides the presentation ones.

BudapestArtWeek offers quality programs, facilitates focus and orientation through wider communication – in the framework of a well-known festival and by using new channels in order to reach the audience. Besides their own events, the participating institutions – museums, galleries, community places, studios – organize community building talks, audience get-togethers, museum educational activities that enable personal meetups within the framework of BudapestArtWeek.

With the significant increase of tourism in the last few years, Budapest has grown into a regional cultural center. The Spring Festival’s wide program offers mobilize not only the domestic audience but also foreigners visiting the city at this time of the year: within the framework of the festival, BudapestArtWeek aims to draw attention to the city’s active fine arts scene.

In Europe’s leading art centers, in Vienna, Berlin or London the “art week” event series have joined together the main art institutions and have drawn more attention to the actual fine arts events. BudapestArtWeek would like to gradually be part of this wider “community”.

All members of the BudapestArtWeek team are fully committed, active participants of the current art scene and are convinced that art and culture are essential to live a full life. The first step of accepting art is selection and this is taken over by the BudapestArtWeek by offering an essence of programs that take place in the city’s institutions. Year by year, in the most beautiful month of spring."

Ticket price: HUF 4.000

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