Monday 22 Jan 2018
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Hungary’s Fidesz Says Tax Fraud Must Not Go Unpunished

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Hungary’s Fidesz Says Tax Fraud Must Not Go Unpunished
Tax fraud must not go unpunished but it is up to the public prosecutor’s office to clarify the validity of the statements made by former tax office staffer András Horváth about alleged VAT fraud, ruling Fidesz spokesman Róbert Zsigó said on Monday.

Zsigó told the press that although Horváth had actually not been a tax auditor, his claims were serious and needed to be assessed. On Friday, three opposition parties demanded further measures to be taken in the case, recommending setting up a fact-finding committee.

On Monday, the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said its independent lawmakers would join the opposition LMP’s initiative to set up a parliamentary fact-finding committee.

He said the 78 signatures required for the initiative to be successful could be collected without Jobbik’s support. The opposition Socialists on Monday repeated their call for Horváth to appear before parliament’s economic committee, a motion which the committee’s Fidesz members rejected without citing an explanation. A Socialist spokesman said that ruling Fidesz and the former governing party, the Socialists had “anything to hide together”.

At the moment it seems that it is “only Fidesz lawmakers who want to cover up the case,” he added. Meanwhile the tax office NAV has filed a report against Horváth for abuse of office and unauthorised handling of data.


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