Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
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Kitchen Budapest Presents: Robot Championship, Trafó Budapest, 31October

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Kitchen Budapest Presents: Robot Championship, Trafó Budapest,  31October
"The Bakarobo Cup is a unique event. If we would speak just a little Japanese, we would know at once that something’s amiss, since in Japanese, the word baka means stupid.

Entertainment electronics take over the Trafó stage for an evening, offering us a chance to witness the competition and duel of stupid robots. Naturally, the organizers had two goals in mind: first of all, they’d like the audience to have fun and secondly, it would be great if these games would lead hardcore robotics fans to get down making their own robots which don’t necessarily have to be entirely practical.

The goal of the competition is to introduce the 10 most useless, stupid robot entries. Some of the entry requirements include that the robots have to function mechanically, they mustn’t have any practical function and they have to make people laugh. We hope you’ll share a laugh with us!

Bakarobo was fist organized in Tokyo by the founder of the Japanese Maywadenki group, Tosa Nobumichi, and since then the competition of stupid robots has been organized year after year.

It is the joint effort of Kitchen Budapest and the Trafó to reinforce the scene concerned with robots and robotics in Budapest and Europe. Bakarobo is their first joint event, which will be personally attended by founder Tosa Nobomichi.

In the course of the evening, the most foolish of the 10 robots appearing at the event will be chosen and awarded through an on-site jury/performance."