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Monday 22 Jan 2018
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New Hungarian Airline Sólyom To Start Operating In August

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New Hungarian Airline Sólyom To Start Operating In August
Sólyom (Falcon) Hungarian Airways will be the name of the next Hungarian Airlines and will shine in red, white and green colours. According to Magyar Nemzet Sólyom Hungarian Ltd. will already start to operate with its six-aircraft fleet in August 2013. If all plans work out the new airline can show off with about 50 airplanes by 2017. The fleet’s worth is nearly 4 billion euros and will engage 700 employees in the first year. Later on this number can go up to 3000.

Although, the company is already called “the offspring of Malev” and “the new national airline” the state does not participate in it in any form, allegedly there are Middle-Eastern investors behind it.

At first Sólyom will only have European and Middle-Eastern destinations, but starting from next year it will possibly fly overseas as well. By that time, the company is hoping for a passenger turnover of 3 million, which is still being dwarfed by the planned 8 million in 2017.

Sólyom will not be considered as a low-cost airline, but will compete in the premium segment.

Words by Tímea Klincsek for

Intern Editor: Réka Lodinsky

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