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Sunday 25 Feb 2018
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See What Happened @ Planet Sushi's Grand Opening In Allee

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See What Happened @ Planet Sushi's Grand Opening In Allee
Lashings of lovely libations, and lots of fab food including super sushi, the perfect the ingredients for a cracking night at the Planet Sushi's grand opening in Allee Budapest.

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 Guests enjoyed a wide range os Asian cuisine, all prepared and served in fine style, along with lots of wonderful drinks including Sake and creative cocktails, plus some fun games, a live Japanese drum performance and a superb DJ.

Planet Sushi has been in downtown Budapest for some time now and has a growing reputation. This latest burst of energy is most welcome as it's on the Buda side.

Whether you go along for a quick bite at lunchtime, a relaxed evening with friends, or for a special event like this one, your taste buds will surely appreciate the trip to a planet dedicated to Asian delights!

Words and photos by Russell Skidmore for
After an extensive career in advertising - as an Art Director & Creative Director in London, Paris and Budapest for leading agencies - Russel transferred the skills and knowledge gained to the development of his own successful company covering wedding, event, PR and portrait photography: