Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
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Statement Of The Israeli Ambassador To Hungary, Ilan Mor

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Statement Of The Israeli Ambassador To Hungary, Ilan Mor
With great regret I have heard that on the occasion of March 15, 2013 the journalist Ferenc Szaniszló, news anchor of EchoTV, was awarded with Táncsics Prize. Unfortunately, this award has been granted to a journalist who openly spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy theories against Israel and advocates to "empty Jewish citizens from Israel and believes that Israel is a terror state...״. This journalist also sees Israel as “the source of all evil in this world” and openly advocates the illegitimacy of its existence.

This journalist uses the same terminology used and propagated also by the extremist terror organization Hamas and Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, both wishing to see the destruction of the State of Israel. This awarded Hungarian journalist joins these and other anti-Israel and anti-Semitic forces in the world by supporting these twisted ideas openly in his program on EchoTV.

His ideas do not belong to a free and democratic society like the one in Hungary. For that reason even the state media authorities have already imposed a fine on EchoTV in the past for Szaniszló’s remarks on Jews and Roma. His statements are classic examples of new anti-Semitism in Europe and in Hungary. These are words of hatred against Israel, the Jewish state, and against Jewish people, as well as against the basic democratic values of the free world.

This man and his ideas must be rejected and should not have been awarded. I call upon the Government of Hungary to take all necessary actions in order to withdraw the award, given to the wrong person for the very wrong reasons. While Israel and Hungary are cooperating in fighting against anti-Semitism, such awards might cause negative impression and lead us to the wrong direction.

It is my sincere hope and wish that this award be withdrawn and the sooner the better...

Ilan Mor
Ambassador of the State of Israel