Monday 19 Feb 2018
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Blind Summit Theatre (UK): The Table, Trafó Budapest, 17 - 18 April
Moses is a cantankerous 2 foot high puppet, with a cardboard head, who lives on a table. And he's got a problem. All he ever gets asked to perform is fairy tales or children's birthday parties, and he's fed up with it. He's an artist! He's a serious puppet! So tonight, for one show only, the table is his and he is going to perform an epic story. The final 12 hours of the life of Moses, in real time, on his table. more »

'Top Gear Live' In Budapest, 1 July

'Top Gear Live' In Budapest, 1 July
After five years touring the world, the wildly popular automotive theatre show based on the award winning TV program is finally coming to Budapest, Hungary. The world's biggest automotive theatre show starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and mysterious driver The Stig is coming to Budapest for the very first time. The show, featuring spectacular stunts, super-car parades and absurdly modified cars, will take place at the BudapestArena, on July 1st, 2014. more »

Harmonia Jazz Workshop, Budapest Jazz Club, 11 April

Harmonia Jazz Workshop, Budapest Jazz Club,  11 April
Calling all English speaking jazz lovers in Budapest to ’The Harmonia Jazz Workshop ’ at the Budapest Jazz Club with a kick-off at 20.00 on Friday, 11th April 2014 proudly presents “Cimbiosis” by the Miklós Lukács Trio. more »

Hungary Revolution 1956 - Part 1

Hungary Revolution 1956 - Part 1
The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 or Hungarian Uprising of 1956 was a spontaneous nationwide revolt against the government of the People's Republic of Hungary and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from 23 October until 10 November 1956. It was the first major threat to Soviet control since the USSR's forces drove out the Nazis at the end of World War II and occupied Eastern Europe. Despite the failure of the uprising, it was highly influential, and came to play a role in the downfall of the Soviet Union decades later. more »