Wednesday 29 Mar 2017
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Miet Warlop (B): Dragging The Bone, Trafó, 30 September & 1 October
Oracles, miracles, tunnel of thoughts and acupuncture on objects.
For the last ten years or so, the Belgian artist Miet Warlop has been pursuing visual experiments in stage form. Addressing concepts such as ambition, enthusiasm and determination, this new creation merges the immaterial processes of the work into a “sculptural event”. more »

Video: Budapest Bomb Blast Footage

Video: Budapest Bomb Blast Footage
Below is security camera footage of the blast in downtown Budapest on Saturday night, including shots of the man suspected of planting and detonating the bomb. The 18-minute video posted on shows the perpetrator walking past the doorway at Teréz körút 2-4 several times before depositing the homemade bomb and a rucksack filled with nails and screws before the arrival of patrolling police. more »

WWF Hungary Project Won Telekom’s Sustainability Press Award

WWF Hungary Project Won Telekom’s Sustainability Press Award
The story covering WWF Hungary’s sustainable land use project in Tiszatarján won the ’Big Picture’ category of Telekom’s Sustainability Press Award in Hungary this weekend. Feaured in Hungary’s leading online daily news media INDEX, the report video is covering the sustainable land use project of WWF in Tiszatarján. more »

Xpat Inspiration: Daring Trip To Antarctica

Xpat Inspiration: Daring Trip To Antarctica
Most expats are well traveled folks, and are open to new adventures, so here’s a story to inspire your ‘wanderlust’: Exploring wild oceans, discovering abandoned territories, and going on dangerous adventures are nothing new to Veronica Wynne-Hughes, daughter of an English father and Hungarian mother. Her methods are far from ordinary: she goes ‘boat hitch-hiking’, and works in exchange for food and accommodation. more »