Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
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Nigel Kennedy, Budapest Sportaréna, 14 December
The ”rock star” of classic music in Budapest. On 14 December Nigel Kennedy, the virtuoso violin and viola player will present his LP introduction tour, titled The New Four Season. The artist also made it into the Guinness Book of Records as performer of the biggest selling classic LP, and now in Papp László Budapest Sports Arena he performs the revisited version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. more »

Hungarian Researchers Aim to Study DMT’s Role In Clinical Death

Hungarian Researchers Aim to Study DMT’s Role In Clinical Death
Scientists at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, are aiming to work on cutting-edge research to study how endogenous DMT, occurring naturally in the body, may be useful to modern medicine, particularly by protecting brain cells in the stage of clinical death. The core assumption of the planned research is that one of the physiological roles of endogenous DMT is to protect against oxidative stress, otherwise known as hypoxia or lack of oxygen. In practical terms, the question is whether DMT can be used in a hospital context, to protect patients’ brains against damage caused by oxygen starvation. more »

Budapest Public Transport: "In Public Transport Community Matters"

Budapest Public Transport:
It is of paramount importance that passengers pay attention to each other, especially to disabled passengers with special needs also when using public transport services. BKK’s new campaign, which is symbolised by a teddy bear is targeting this objective. BKK made a cooperative agreement with the National Council of Disabled Persons’ Organisations and launched the campaign based on this agreement in order to help people with disabilities use public transport services. more »

Mongooz & Magnet & MY BABY (NL) @ Akvárium Club Budapest, 3 December

Mongooz & Magnet & MY BABY (NL) @ Akvárium Club Budapest, 3 December
"The trio Mongooz and the Magnet bring their special brand of no-bullshit feel-good rhythms, with a characteristic dirty edge. Composed of three gentlemen from Hungary, Norway, and Ireland sporting electric guitar, double bass and drums, the band draw their roots from pop and soul music across the world, and with blues as their compass they've set a path that "flows from gritty guitar lead lines to catchy rhythms, and is sure to leave the audience tapping their feet". more »