Thursday 28 Aug 2014
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Travel Back In Time At The Bikal Renaissance Theme Park, Hungary
The Middle Ages and Renaissance Theme Park in Bikal (close to Pécs city) opened its doors in 2010 for visitors who want to discover life in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods in Hungary. The 7.5 hectare park is divided into five large parts – the Village, the Old Town, the Main Square, the Knight’s Palace, and the Jousting Arena – where visitors can explore 35 amazing buildings, learn traditional handicraft making, and be part of various interactive programmes. more »

Cancelled: Budapest's First 'Renaissance & Medieval Festival'

Cancelled: Budapest's First 'Renaissance & Medieval Festival'
History is set to come alive in the Buda Castle this weekend with a medieval themed festival held around the Royal Palace. It's the first of its kind in this magnificent venue, it promises historical games and challenges, medieval style dresses and tools... As it's a family event there won’t be any beheading, burning and boiling, garroting, flogging or impaling, so don't expect to re-live the horrors of the Middle Ages. On offer will be food and drinks in keeping with the times of the good old Hungarian Kingdom. Renaissance live music will provide the sound-scape for this exciting new event - read on for details about its craft beers, jesters, tamed falcons, 'Medieval Traders’ Market', and lots more. more »

See Viktor Orban's Speech On Traditional Values & Europe's Future, 9 October 2013

See Viktor Orban's Speech On Traditional Values & Europe's Future, 9 October 2013
The Prime Minister of Hungary discussed the approach his government is taking to the economic situation in Europe and how he believes the solution to many of the continent's problems lies in embracing traditional values and recognizing the importance of the nation-state. more »

Sonic Map Of The Budapest’s Ruin Pub Quarter

Sonic Map Of The Budapest’s Ruin Pub Quarter
Once Jewish quarter now nightlife hot spot, the centre of Budapest’s 7th district has raised some eyebrows this summer. It’s more than just a landmark area with hoards of drunks consuming premium wheat beer. It’s a densely packed startup scene of blooming characteristic enterprises such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and - wait for it - the signature ruin bars in the backyards of abandoned houses. Eastaste had set to map out the sonic branding strategies of the Ruin Pub Quarter. more »